Is the windows 8.1 os causing problems?

  Digiartist 15:24 10 May 2014

Hi I use a computer program called ArtRage. I have been using it on my laptop and can paint images on it up to 8000 x 8000 pixels with no issues in saving at Tiff files etc... However, since purchasing a new desktop PC with Windows 8.1 I have been experiencing problems using the ArtRage program. It struggles with images at the 8000 x 8000 size, will not save the image as a Tiff file on to a stick or anywhere else. When I close one image to open another in the program, the image I have trying to open (ehen it eventually opens) has parts of it missing. I then need to close everything down and open it up separately. For all intents and purposes it looks like my new desktop computer does not cope with the ArtRage program when my lesser laptop found no problems whatsoever.

Laptop specification: Acer Aspire Intel Core i5 460m processor 4gb DDR3 Memory 500gb HDD Windows 7 OS

Desktop specification: Advent PC quad Core i& CPU with 8mb cache AMD dedicated Graphics card 8GB RAM & 2TB hard drive.

I have been trying to find out what the problem could be and have been told that it is probably because the Windows 8.1 operating system struggles with memory. Is this the case?

Could someone help me with this issue as the new desktop PC was not cheap by any means and it does not do what the cheaper Laptop has been doing for a couple of years.


  Woolwell 15:32 10 May 2014

I have not heard of W8 having memory problems and I very much doubt that is the case.

I would look at ArtRage. Have you tried running it in compatibility mode? See running older programs

  Digiartist 16:00 10 May 2014

Thanks for your reply Woolwell.

However, I did the troubleshooter for my system and ArtRage. There was no difference. The recommended settings had no effect and I still had the same issues when I tested the program.

Thank you anyway because at least I know that is probably not a compatibility issue.

Does anyone have any suggestions what the problem might be?

  Woolwell 17:43 10 May 2014

You may get better help from Artrage Forums

  Woolwell 17:46 10 May 2014

Have you already asked? See Issues with 8000 x 8000

  Digiartist 19:02 10 May 2014

Yes, that post was me. I have already asked. ArtRage assume it is a Windows 8.1 issue. The people I bought my computer from assume it is a Windows 8.1 issue. I suspect that the people at Microsoft will assume it either an issue with ArtRage or my computer!!

I don't think the issue is ArtRage because it works fine with my old laptop with windows 7. I also don't think it is a Windows 8.1 issue because when using the compatibility mode I still have the same problems. So perhaps it is my new desktop computer which is at fault.

The problem for me is finding who is the best person to talk to regarding this and perhaps getting an expert in computers to track exactly what the problem is. Not easy, especially for a complete non starter when it comes to computers and computer programs.

I am running out of people to ask!

  Woolwell 19:24 10 May 2014

Long shot - Drivers, especially graphics, up to date?

  Digiartist 20:10 10 May 2014

Not sure what you mean. I bought the computer at the beginning of this year and it has 'dedicated AMD HD770 1GB GDDR5 graphics'.

  Woolwell 20:53 10 May 2014

Are the drivers for the garphics card up to date?

  Woolwell 20:54 10 May 2014
  Digiartist 21:42 10 May 2014

I have no idea if it is up to date. I assumed as it was a new PC that is would be. My PC is not linked to the internet so the graphics card will not get updated by internet downloads, if that is how it is kept up to date.

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