windows 8.1 defender enough security?

  Damarc 19:30 29 Jul 2014

I took my laptop to local computer shop as it wasn't booting up. It turned out that I had lots of viruses on it. A few years ago I asked for suitable anti virus and antispyware freebie software. The general consensus was AVG or Avast with superantispyware and spyware blaster. I opted for avast and both antispyware downloads. The blokes at the computer shop said that these were not now the best solution and that if I wanted a freebie, then Windows 8.1 defender was better than them. So they were not reinstalled nor was the antivirus software. Over the past week I have had the same pop up coming up in Firefox [Ribena] every few minutes and it's driving me potty. Were the blokes right at the computer shop? They have always been good in the past and I must admit I have downloaded networx through Cnet since the laptop was returned but I wouldn't have thought that would have started it off. I've never had pop ups on this scale on Firefox before and popups have been stopped under 'tools'.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:02 29 Jul 2014

Were the blokes right at the computer shop?


Avast / Avg is antivirus, Defender is only antimalware

Avast is the best of the freebies Antivira is also good

Are you saying you got viruses with avast and both antispyware downloads?

  Menzie 20:03 29 Jul 2014

Windows Defender is tricky as opinions differ on it greatly. Some say that 'it's good enough,' others will say 'it is better than nothing.' Then of course you will have those that will say 'it is no good.'

At the moment on my system I use Avast Internet Security. I previously had been using Avast free for years and decided to check out the paid version. Prior to that I also used Comodo Firewall with the antivirus which always seemed to offer good solid protection.

I also currently run Malwarebytes Pro and recommend the free version even though the free one lacks real time protection.

There are some things the best programs in the world won't help with however and is down to the user. Here are some things you can do to help minimise your chance of unwanted software/pop ups.

Create an administrator account strictly for installing programs and set your normal account to limited. This helps prevent any unwanted programs automatically getting high level access.

When installing software don't always go for the default installation as this almost always brings along other unwanted software. Free downloads are notorious for this very practise. Use custom instead and uncheck or reject any offers that you don't want that would have been included in the default install.

When your computer is working normally regularly back it up. I clone my hard drive monthly; in case anything happens I can have my PC back up and running with applications and all in 15 minutes.

  Damarc 10:40 30 Jul 2014

It is windows 8.1. They updated it when it was in the shop. I never know what security software to use. I thought that with all paid for security software, some parts were better than others, ie. you got a good firewall but antivirus wasn't so good or you got a good antivirus but antispyware wasn't so good. They advised Norton but I'd read that this wasn't brilliant so I thought it would be a good idea to pick and mix the best of individual freebies, hence AVG, Superantispyware and Spywareblaster and to date they've worked well. It was only when I downloaded Quick time that there was a problem. Is there a good 'broker' site from which you can download with safety. I ran a scan last night with Defender and it came up with no problems! But funnily enough whilst typing this I haven't had a pop up window. Would Malwarebytes conflict with any of the Defender stuff if all are running? Thanks for all your help so far.

  Damarc 18:50 02 Aug 2014

Thanks for all your help. I have now also installed Malwarebytes having read the reviews so touch wood I hope all is ok now.

  Damarc 16:08 10 Aug 2014

Sorry for the late response I thought his thread was finished. I'm relying on Defender.

  john bunyan 16:20 10 Aug 2014


If you want a freebie, I would use Avast (custom install to avoid dropbox)or AVG as a/v plus Malawarebytes and Superantispyware. Before you start I would run ADWCleaner (a once off ad cleaner) Most people think that the Windows a/v is a bit basic.

  john bunyan 16:39 10 Aug 2014

PS a good download site is Filehippo - they do not sneak in extras, and have most A/V downloads.

I avoid the likes of Cnet


  stevethetester 17:59 10 Aug 2014


Defender is only a basic "get you started out of the box" type of software; even Microsoft admit that it's not up to scratch when compared to the specialist A/V companies offering's. For a full unbiased run down on the majority of A/V solutions currently available look here-

        [click here][1] I use prefer the paid solutions as they (despite popular opinion) do provide better overall protection; I have Norton Internet Security 2014 on my laptop and use Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 on my home PC. Both are excellent solutions but I wouldn't go for Bitdefender as having purchased the total security 2014 last year had no end of problems with it-but that's another story.

If you do want to go for the free solution then the highest rated solution these days isn't Avast or AVG, it's Avira or Qihoo 360 Internet Security as per the independent reports; my daughter uses this and it is very good. Hope this helps and good lick Steve


  stevethetester 18:01 10 Aug 2014

whoops for some reason this has published incorrectly, the review is on: click here

  rdave13 18:13 10 Aug 2014

All security programs have their quirks whether free or not. Select what you thinks is best for you. If not happy at a later date then remove and try another one.

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