Windows 8.1 and Bluetooth problems

  night 14:11 08 Sep 2014


I have been having difficulties trying to send photos from my Android phone to my computer (Windows 8.1) I have set up Bluetooth for both devices, and paired them successfully. I choose a picture to send to my computer then opt for 'Send' via Bluetooth. My Android phone says it is saving the file to my user name for the Windows System (i.e.John) but I can't find the file anywhere on the computer once my phone says it has been successfully saved. Ihave looked in the Pictures folder, in the Documents folder and in the Downloads folder; also the Desktop and in the Charms Search.

I have tried to send a photo from the computer to the phone and this works perfectly. So something is wrong somewhere.

If anyone can shed a light on this for me I'd be very grateful

Regards Night

  night 17:11 12 Sep 2014

Hi many thanks for your reply regarding Blue tooth pairing, both the computer and my mobile phone are paired but if one sends a picture to the computer where does it go as there is nothing to say the computer has received it, maybe you can throw some light on this problem please

  rdave13 18:57 12 Sep 2014

Once paired what do you see in explorer under My PC? If you see the phone listed then double click it and you should be able to see the files you need then copy them. That's the theory anyway.

  night 15:35 15 Sep 2014

In answer to the above queries regarding Blue Tooth, the computer is paired with the phone as the phone recognises the computer, and no the pi8ctures are not named, but surely one should be able to find them somewhere in the computer once again thanks for ideas, the Bluetooth devi9ce is in device manager but using search the computer does not find it .

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