Windows 8 upgrade install failed

  Happy37 08:06 02 Nov 2012

Hello everyone,

I have got a Pentium 4 PC with a 3.2Ghz processor with 2GB of RAM and a 256MB RAM NVIDIA graphics card. Hard drive space is not an issue as I have plenty.

I backed up the stuff that I wanted to keep from this PC last night, and then I tried to upgrade my current Windows 7 Pro install to Windows 8 Pro using the Windows 8 Pro "Upgrade" CD.

It's this one:-

enter link description here

After having fixed the various things that the installer flagged up, the installation finally proceeded.

All went well (or so I thought).....

Anyway, all the files were copied over and the "Restarting your computer in the next 10 seconds" screen popped up.

I thought that we were nearly getting there?!

After the PC restarted, I got the dual-boot menu come up.

It automatically went into the "Setup" option to carry on.


My PC stopped with a black screen with a balck screen background, an error message, some numbers and a message stating that "Your PC needs to restart. Please press the power button."

I have done this a few times, and I am no further forward with this install.

2 things:-

I don't know what the error messages are as I did not write them down. I can restart the PC to get these and post them on here if it will help anyone identify what the cause of the failed install is?

Can this "upgrade" install be fixed so that it could complete or not?

If not, what's the BEST method of getting rid of the install so that I can just have Windows 7 Pro on this PC and just use that, please?

Msconfig? - if yes, then which OS do I use this in, and which lines do I delete to get rid of the Setup and keep Windows 7 Pro?

EasyBCD? - Might this work or not? And how? Is there a current Windows 8 capable version available?

Many thanks.

I urgently look forward to all responses, and would be grateful for any help that you could provide.



  Happy37 08:31 02 Nov 2012

Thanks for the advice Jock1e.

Would I use msconfig in Windows 7 to make these changes?

I cannot get into Windows 8 at all.

If msconfig works in Windows 7 as you say, then do you think that I might be able to fix things while I am in Windows 8 in a minimal boot?



  Happy37 09:16 02 Nov 2012

Thanks again Jock1e

I will try this and will post back on here to let you know how it all goes.

Regarding the error message that I got on a black background with white lettering:-

Here we are:-

Your PC needs to restart Please hold down the power button Error Code 0x0000005D Parameters 0x030F0401 0x756E6547 0x49656E69 0x6C65746E

I googled the Error Code and found that this means that the CPU in my PC does not support NX. NX is a crucial part of the Windows 8 install and the CPU must support it otherwise the Windows 8 install won't work.

Oh dear.........not good.

Thanks again.



  Happy37 15:58 02 Nov 2012

Thanks again Jock1e.

The Windows 8 Update Assistant did state that Windows 8 might run, but there will definitely be an issue with NX. See link below.......

enter link description here

I have now deleted the correct line and now Windows 7 is starting correctly without the Windows 8 setup routine interfering in between.

Thanks for all your help.



  Happy37 11:19 01 Jan 2013

This is now resolved as I have now purchased 2 brand new PCs and these are running a mixture of Windows XP Professional and Windows 8 Professional with no problems.

Thanks to everyone that replied and helped.

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