Windows 8 startup

  eysha1 13:45 17 Feb 2013

Can anyone tell me what I need to keep in Windows 8 start up please? There seems to be a lot of stuff at start up and probably a lot that isn't needed running there and slowing the laptop down. I remember a long time ago on XP, I think it was, about disabling everything except the safety programmes, antispywear stuff etc., and the really important stuff so I am guessing this is the same. I only have Windows Defender running, nothing else. Thanks in advance. E. Oh and I deleted Open Office3.4.1 too and no problems so far.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:37 17 Feb 2013

Black viper services you can disable for windows 8

you will need to list your start up programs for advice

persona;lly I use CCleaner to disable them rather than remove as I can then test and put back later if needed

  eysha1 16:32 17 Feb 2013

Didn't know I could do that with CCleaner - I have that programme. How do I do it FB?

  rdave13 16:38 17 Feb 2013

You can also use task manager to disable/enable start up programs.

  onthelimit1 16:39 17 Feb 2013

eysha1 - just click Tools and then Startup

  eysha1 16:41 17 Feb 2013

Lost how to find what is in start up now - win 8 is confusing.

  rdave13 16:44 17 Feb 2013

In desktop, right click the task bar, select task manager and click on the start-up tab. It shows the start up programs list and the start-up impact.

  eysha1 16:59 17 Feb 2013

Found via task manager, need a good memory for this which I don't have,lol. No Black Vipers, just these

Adobe gamma loader adobe photo downloader catalyst control centre Intel service manager realtek hd audio manager resident module of eco utility srs control panel tcrd main application toshiba pass word utility Toshiba systems settings tos waitsrv2

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:21 17 Feb 2013

tcrd main application - needed for your flash card slot - leave

tos waitsrv2 toshiba - PC health monitor -disable

The TOSHIBA System Settings program released with pre-installed Windows 8 is a tool that allows you to configure your computer - similar to TOSHIBA HWSetup on earlier models. Computers upgraded to Windows 8 from an earlier version use HWSetup.

At the Start start screen type "System".
Click "System Settings" in the search results under Apps.
The TOSHIBA System Settings will open allowing you to personalize certain settings on your computer. Before making any changes, read the information contained in your Owner's Manual about the System Settings program.

toshiba pass word utility -- After registering a user password, you will be required to input it when booting the computer or starting the Password Utility. Refer to your Owner's Manual for complete details.

srs control panel - sound control - disable

resident module of eco utility - power management - leave

realtek hd audio manager - disable - can be started from control panel when needed.

Intel service manager - leave

Adobe gamma loader, adobe photo downloader, catalyst control centre, can all be disabled

  eysha1 16:21 20 Feb 2013

Many thanks Fruit-Bat.I appreciate your help. All done as per your suggestions.

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