windows 8 scam caller has my address and phone number

  pollpott 09:59 25 Mar 2013

How can someone scam calling me have, obviously, my phone number but also my full address and post code. (The phone is ex directory) Should I be worried on another level? Obviously I didnt go along with the scammer.

  wiz-king 10:02 25 Mar 2013

They possibly got your address from the electoral roll.

  pollpott 10:06 25 Mar 2013

yes but they wouldn't get my ex directory phone number that way.

  pollpott 10:40 25 Mar 2013

I have been called back by the scammer, i told him i couldn't talk earlier, now he wants me to download Team Viewer which I see would give him remote access to my pc. I hung up before doing it.

  Chronos the 2nd 10:53 25 Mar 2013

My phone is ex directory but once you have actually given out to anyone particularly online then it is simple to get hold of other details.

Don't worry about it, as long as you do not download anything then it is not a problem. If you want wind the guy up have a bit of,put him on hold whilst you make a cup of tea/coffee have a bath whatever, he's paying for the call.

  pollpott 11:04 25 Mar 2013

Thanks Chronos that would make sense, I listened to what he said for a while before hanging up and you can see how they get people to go along with the, theysound very knowledgable and ask you to go through several steps before you ars asked to download the software.

  onthelimit1 11:22 25 Mar 2013

A Silver Surfer in my village got conned by one of these [email protected]@ers - cost him £120 on his credit card. Called me after the event. Suggested he could get the money back from the CC company as it was a con, but he was too embarrassed to call them.

  Chronos the 2nd 12:07 25 Mar 2013

Anyone could take you into the Event viewer and show you signs of errors, most of the time these are meaningless and certainly not cause for concern, most of the time you PC hiccuped and of course that is registered in the event viewer.

All these people want is you bank or credit card details and of course they sound knowledgeable but how difficult is that to most people who's expertise stops at the on button of a PC.

As I said have a bit of fun, play hard of hearing and mistake words ask really stupid questions particularly if they mention you might have a virus, ask them if you are going to die from this virus,is it catching, are your family at risk.

  tullie 12:18 25 Mar 2013

Just hang up,dont carry on with any other nonsense,theve heard it all before.

  lotvic 13:45 25 Mar 2013

For persistent callers that keep phoning back. I hold the receiver up to my fire alarm and press the test button. I do give them fair warning that I am about to sound it after a count of 3-2-1. They never ring back after that.

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