Windows 8 non techncal advice

  anne23 22:00 15 Feb 2013

Can anyone tell me if / how I can get rid of the "frequency" tabs in when using IE through the Start screen please. Changing to the Desktop version solves that but makes other issues.

  rdave13 22:56 15 Feb 2013

I don't understand the "frequency" tabs. Could you explain further, thanks.

  rdave13 23:01 15 Feb 2013

Just found it. It occurs when you click the + sign after right clicking. It's a way of showing you your favourites bar. Simply right click again and the favourites bar disappears.

  anne23 08:34 16 Feb 2013

Yes, but I want to keep the favourites and not have the others. Is there something I need to switch off / on so they don't get saved or shown?

  rdave13 10:02 16 Feb 2013

Right, I've go it now. Open IE in desktop. Tools, Internet options, under the general tab go to browsing history and select the Delete tab. Tick the boxes for,

Preserve Favourite website data.

Temporery Internet files and website files.

Cookies and website data.


Select delete. Now you'll be back on the general tab, tick the box for Delete browsing history on exit, select 'apply' then 'ok'.

  rdave13 10:15 16 Feb 2013

Nope, that doesn't work either! The only thing that gets rid of them is in IE, in the tile version, mouse arrow to the right corner, select Settings then Intenet Options and select delete browsing history. You need to do this after every browsing session. Unless I've missed a setting elsewhere.

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