Windows 8 nearly as bad as vista, help needed please

  moonraker50 10:28 02 Feb 2013

I have recently bought a Lenovo i5 desktop pc with windows 8 pre-installed in a small partition, hence no OS disc. Is it possible to downgrade back to Windows 7 at not a great deal of money, as I feel windows 8 is another mistake (like vista) maybe it will be better when a service pack is released Money is tight I cannot afford another PC.

Thank you in advance

  difarn 08:25 03 Feb 2013

Can I suggest that you re-post this in the Windows 8 Forum where you are more likely to get some help.

  chub_tor 11:57 03 Feb 2013

If you read this link it might help to answer your question but it does specifically say that you can only download from Windows 8 Pro so check the version you have installed.

If you can't do that then you might think of installing some third party software that makes Windows 8 look more like Windows 7. I chose to use Start 8 Click Here while others have selected Classic Shell

  finerty 13:36 03 Feb 2013

you could try a distro of linux. im still using windows xp home and linux

  onthelimit1 14:05 04 Feb 2013

I was unsure about W8, but having been using it for a couple of weeks, I'm now happy. As a bit of a Luddite, I am using the Classic Shell that chub suggested. Boot time for this PC is just 25 secs - compare that with the 5mins for Vista!

  chub_tor 14:30 04 Feb 2013

As onthelimit1 says there is a very big advantage with Windows 8 and that is the boot time, mine is also around 20-25 seconds from pushing the start button to having a working desktop. I would never go back to Windows 7.

  The Old Mod 05:44 05 Feb 2013

I was unsure about Windows 8 at first, but having used it now for a few weeks would not go back to Windows 7, boot time to desktop 20secs.

  Ex plorer 10:38 05 Feb 2013

Off topic but... On 4+ year old Vista laptop including typing in password is 69 sec to desktop, working desktop 80sec, 87 sec to typing into Google. Nowt wrong with vista.

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