Windows 8 message 'failure configuring Windows features, reverting changes' stuck!

  MichaelMuschamp 17:43 24 May 2014

Took delivery of a new Asus laptop this morning, plugged it in and followed all the guides, including downloading updates, then had to do a restart to configure the changes. It sat there saying it was configuring for over an hour, then changed it blue screen wording to: 'Failure configuring Windows features. Reverting changes. Do not turn off your computer' I have now been staring at that message for over 90 minutes - I am getting a bit bored, anyone got any ideas? Should I thrown the thing in the bin, pack it in its box and send it back, or wait? If the latter, how much longer should I give it?

  Woolwell 18:19 24 May 2014


  onthelimit1 20:21 24 May 2014

I had exactly the same thing a couple os days ago, which seemed at the time to have been caused by a usb mouse. However, there are some other avenues to try in the thread here

  onthelimit1 20:23 24 May 2014

P.S. I gave up with the 'failure' screen, and went for a reset of the operating system (4 times). One of the good things in W8!

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