Windows 8 laptop, black screen

  Maryp 10:00 24 Feb 2013

I bought an Acer 5349 a few weeks ago but its been having problems opening some web pages which seemed to be a problem with Flash, so I went on thier website and followed the instructions to change an add on, although it didn't help the pages open any better, but when I then restarted the laptop, its now got a black screen. I get to the password page ok, after that it goes blank. I tried CTRL, ALt Delete, got a message saying please wait, with the circle of dots, but that didn't change. Nothing else does anything. Any suggestions?

  Maryp 10:18 24 Feb 2013

I know its supposed to update itself, but it hadn't and Flash wasn't working, so it offered me an add on with instructions how to change the old one to the new one. I tried shift F8, but it didn't do anything.

  Secret-Squirrel 10:42 24 Feb 2013

Mary, because you can get to the login screen OK, you should be able to go into Safe Mode and do a "System Restore" to a date when everything was working fine. You won't lose any e-mails, pictures, or other personal data by doing this - here's what you need to do:

At the "password page", don't try to login but instead hold down the left shift key on your keyboard, click the little white power icon bottom-right and choose Restart.

Keep the shift key held down until you get the blue screen with white text that says "Choose an Option". If you get that far release the shift key and choose "Troubleshoot your PC" -> "Advanced Options" -> "System Restore" and let the laptop restart. Choose an available restore point that pre-dates your problem.

  Maryp 13:34 24 Feb 2013

Right, i think I've really messed it up now. I read the thread just below mine about using the Erecovery management tool from pressing alt & F10 so thought I'd try that to go back to how it was brand new (just before I saw the message from Secret Squirrel). But it stuck at 99% of the last bit. It sat like that for an hour, so I restarted it and it went through lots of tests and scans and everything looked ok, until it tried to restart itself and now says 'Windows could not complete the installation, to install windows, restart the installation'. I know I should have made a disk when I first got the laptop, but I didn't. Is my laptop now stuffed without the disk, can I buy one? Any other suggestions, or could I install ubuntu and just not bother with Windows?

  Maryp 18:10 24 Feb 2013

Thanks for your replies and suggestions, I had several plans, either take it back to saisbury's where I bought it, get someone to put ubuntu on it, or to try to put windows 7 on by myself from Thankfully none of it is necessary, I tried once again with eRecover and it all worked perfectly, so I'm up and running, except it went back to windows 7, which is much better. Thanks again. :-)

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