Windows 8 disappeared from my PC!

  athenrye 14:55 04 Dec 2012

Yes I know it doesn't sound right! I upgraded from vista to windows 8 on my dell vista pc, it's been working great and really responsive and fast compared to vista...

I came in last night and started my pc, it seemed to go through the set up install procedure like on the upgrade, colour changes and info on swiping etc (I went for a shower after 5 min) thought it would correct itself

When I got to the start / tile screen there wasn't any tiles, all I had was the windows account pic top right, I went to the home screen and I haven't got access to windows 8, it's just plain blue with a swirl where the tiles should be...

I've removed my hard drive and used a dock station and I can access all my pics and docs and stuff on my laptop, so it seems to be working okay

What should I do now, all I can do on the pc is start and shutdown, it seems I don't have an operating system! I upgraded it through windows direct and have a windows 8 disk...

Any ideas?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:19 04 Dec 2012

What happens when you just click on the Home Screen?

  athenrye 16:35 04 Dec 2012

Home screen is my task bar screen? I've just got a recycle bin, nothing else

The start tiles screen hasn't got anything either... Just my log in picture account icon on top right

I'm on laptop the now, stripped the hard drive out and accessed it in a doc

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:54 04 Dec 2012

This sounds like a corrupt profile, anyway you can create a new profile?

  Secret-Squirrel 17:04 04 Dec 2012

"What should I do now, all I can do on the pc is start and shutdown"

I have to admit it all sounds quite serious but here are a couple of suggestions for you:

1) Try a Windows 8 "System Restore" and choose the most recent date when you know the PC was running fine. To access it, hold down the left shift key and click on the usual "Restart" option. Your PC should quickly boot into the "Troubleshoot" environment. Next click on "Advanced Options" then "System Restore".

2) I've a feeling the above won't work so plan B would be to consider the "Refresh your PC" option that's on the Troubleshoot home screen. However, before clicking the "next" button, note what it says in the "Here's what will happen" section as it implies you may lose some installed programs. If this doesn't sound like an ideal solution then wait and see if anyone else has a better idea.

  athenrye 18:52 04 Dec 2012

Hi folks

I went and tried a system refresh, wouldn't Le me do it as I was missing files, had to put in my disk! Took 20 minutes to refresh, it's now working but I've lost all my apps / programmes...

Hey ho that's the way them plum falls I suppose! Just wondering if its worth the hassle re installing them for it to happen again anytime soon!

I've got all my files so it wasn't. A waste of time!

Thanks for all the help

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