Windows 7 Won't Stay Asleep

  Scrivers 12:05 19 May 2012

I've started having problems with the sleep mode. I'm on Windows 7 and some times, when I set it to sleep it's fine. Other times it comes out of sleep mode for no apparent reason. It's not a mouse problem & I don't think it's a router/Internet problem waking it up, because it's only started doing this over the last few months. Anyone help?

  Zeppelyn 12:24 19 May 2012

Using the command prompt try these for starters:-

powercfg -lastwake

should tell you what last woke the pc.

powercfg -waketimers

lists all devices able to wake the pc.

It could also be a program or scheduled task thats doing it. Have you install anything lately that runs on a schedule?

  Scrivers 17:45 19 May 2012

Hi Zeppelyn, thanks for your response. Powercfg -lastwake gave me the following; Type: Device Instance path: USB\Root\Hub20\4&2f74619d&0 Friendly Name: USB Root Hub Manufacturer: Standard USB Host Controller This must be my USB powered hub. Strange thing is though it didn't do this previous. I'll try switching it off when I put the pc to sleep and see if that works.

Powercfg -waketimers indicated that I have no scheduled timers

Thanks for your help.

  rdave13 17:58 19 May 2012

You could go to device manager, find the root hub,right click, select properties,power management and untick the box to allow this device to wake the computer. Make sure you select the right one as you'll need a usb keyboard to wake the PC.

  T0SH 18:44 19 May 2012

Have you checked in the BIOS settings for an enabled settings with wording like "Wake on Lan" ?

Cheers HC

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