windows 7 wants to format new SD card

  //adz_w/// 21:45 27 Jul 2012

hi, my partner recieved a new nikon coolpic s3200 with 2 8gb SD cards

i set up the camera about a week and a half ago and everything was working fine she recieved it today and took afew pictures

when we got home the card wasnt working i cant remember what the camera said

we too the sd card out, reset the camera and turned it on and off a few times

i decided to put the card into the laptop (windows 7 64 bit) and it said this

E:\ is not accessible. The volume does not contain a recognized file system. Please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted." any sugestions?

  johndrew 09:45 28 Jul 2012

If the card wasn't working in the camera, it may well have become corrupted. I suggest you use the camera to format the card and take a couple of shots to ensure it is recording and then try it in the PC to view the pictures taken. If this works all should be fine, if not then you could try using the PC to format the card and try it in the camera but I'm not certain this will work.

The only other option is to obtain a new card and try that; if it continues to fail then I suggest the camera is at fault.

  hastelloy 09:47 28 Jul 2012

An 8 GB SD card is actually HCSD so it may be that your laptop doesn't read this format. Something like Card reader should do the trick.

  hastelloy 09:48 28 Jul 2012

Sorry -SDHC not HDSC - I plead insanity (or a senior moment).

  lotvic 10:25 28 Jul 2012

An ordinary SD card reader will only read a card up to 2GB. So check what sort you have in your laptop.

  lotvic 11:31 28 Jul 2012

I'm probably mixed up about the cards. Just been trying to make sense of type by looking at wikipedia article.

I'll get me coat

  hastelloy 13:51 28 Jul 2012

lotvic You are correct - anything over 2 GB is SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity).

  //adz_w/// 20:10 28 Jul 2012

hi guys,

the card reader in the camera is working fine as i have tried the second SD card so its not the camera

every time i turn the camera on it will go to a screen and say "camera is not formatted format card now? if i do this it says all images will be deleted

if i have the camera plugged into the computer it will say card unavailable

is there any way of recieving the images and how do i know what card reader it is in the laptop

  lotvic 20:25 28 Jul 2012

You have 2 cards, does the other card work ok? both in the camera and in your card reader on the laptop? and in the camera when camera is connected to computer?

The camera has internal memory separate to the cards (14.5MB internal memory according to the specs on Amazon) if the first card was non functional then I would think that the pictures that were taken will be on the internal memory.

Your laptop specs should tell you about the card reader if it is not marked on the slot.

You have two identical threads running. Consider closing one as it is getting confusing.

  lotvic 20:32 28 Jul 2012

Ooops sorry, make that: Internal memory approx. 42 MB ClickHere

  //adz_w/// 23:07 28 Jul 2012

yeah i know i dont know why it did that ill close it when i figure out how to close it haha

yes the other card does work both in the camera and card reader also plugged into the laptop works fine but there is no pictures saved onto the internal memory

is there any posible ways of retrieving the pictures for example free recovery software?

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