Windows 7 User Profile problem

  KJYPG 14:46 19 Nov 2010

We have 1 PC at work running Windows 7 but when we try to log on it says “The User Profile Service service failed the login. User profile cannot be loaded.” It worked fine for a couple of weeks and then this appeared for no apparent reason.

I have read lots of threads about this and have printed out several suggestions to try I but can’t even load the PC into Safe Mode as suggested. I switch on and keep hitting F8 but it just goes straight to the log on screen.

What I really want to do is to downgrade the OS to XP Professional - this is because Windows 7 is not really compatible with our server [as this is very old – running NT4 – I know we need to upgrade this but not enough pennies just now!].

I have put the Windows XP Pro CD in but nothing happens. I have tried entering Bios Settings [I think it was called] by pressing F12 and changing the load sequence to start with CD but even with the CD in the drive at start up it goes straight to the log on screen.

Please can someone help me as the PC is totally unusable at the moment.


  ventanas 15:13 19 Nov 2010

There are some considerations before you even start to do this:
Does your Win 7 licence come with the option to downgrade to XP. If not you cannot do it.

If it is possible to downgrade you need to be certain that XP drivers are available for the various items of hardware inside the PC. Graphics, sound, chipset etc. XP is old now and drivers may not be available.

Having settled all that, I've had this issue in the past. The only way to cure it is to take the machine off the network and then re-join it. But not being able to log in this is impossible. I think you will find it will not even log in in safe mode.
You must reinstall Windows to get it going again.
You need to look at the boot options again to make sure thatn the Optical drive is first in priority.
Also not the message to press a key to boot from CD. if you do not do this it will ignore the CD.

  ventanas 15:14 19 Nov 2010

Sorry should read "note the message"

  KJYPG 15:18 19 Nov 2010

Thanks for this, will try as you suggest.
Yes, I am OK with the downgrade option/license issue and with the drivers for the hardware.
Will be back if I hit another problem!!

  KJYPG 13:19 26 Nov 2010

Hi there

I am still having problems and getting really desperate!!

I have checked the BIOS settings and the first boot is Floppy the second is CD and the third is hard drive.

I have restarted with the Windows XP OS CD in the drive and pressed a key when instructed to boot from CD. I can hear the CD start to spin but then it just goes straight to asking for the Windows password [then the error message user profile cannot be loaded]. I just can't seem to get it to run the CD at all. I have even tried this with the Windows 7 CD and the same thing happens.

Any suggestions please as this PC is totally unusable as it is?

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