windows 7 upgrade from xp hangs at 27%

  twizzle3131 20:50 17 Jan 2012

I have a 5/6 year old Dell Dimension 5100, 3mhz pentium 4, 5GB ram and 150GB HDD and want to upgrade from XP to W7. I have done the upgrade advisor thing and it says everything should be hunky dory apart from .net 1.1 network not working, but as I already have .net3.5 I can't see that as a problem. So I bought an upgrade disc which is when the problems started. It loads, starts to expand the programs up to 27% when it needs to re boot. As it restarts I get a b;ack screen with "starting windows" on it. When I restart XP it says "This version of windows could not be installed, please check compatibility before trying again" - or something similar. I have tried everything I can think of, even formatting the whole drive and re installing xp, but it still hangs at the same place. I have tried Microsoft and even spent an hour on the phone to Dell and they can't tell me what the problem is. Please can someone solve the mystery. Ta Martin

  Ibanez2010 21:10 17 Jan 2012

You should be able to do a clean install of Windows 7 with the upgrade disc. That's the way I did it.

  robin_x 21:23 17 Jan 2012

Try installing again.

Or reformat then try again. This article lists 3 methods

  baldydave 22:12 17 Jan 2012

Try a different cd/dvd rom drive or external drive.I have had this problem and used a different drive and hey presto it installed, even though the original drive showed no problems before and i am still using it.

  robin_x 22:20 17 Jan 2012

Good point.

Or burn a fresh new 'clone' DVD on another computer.

  rdave13 01:02 18 Jan 2012

Another link on doing a clean install of Win7 upgrade, link, it shows not to activate during installation and another link for clean install. It also mentions that you can have problems installing Win 7 on an older motherboard which has more than 2 Gig of ram. (from the clean install link).

  rdave13 01:06 18 Jan 2012

Best go for option four if all else fails, doing a double install.

  chub_tor 09:14 18 Jan 2012

I used the method 1 shown by robinofloxley, however I did need to move onto method 2 when it failed to activate.

  twizzle3131 11:29 18 Jan 2012

Thanks for all the info, unfortunately all the methods skip over the installing part to registration. I can't get the upgrade to install, should I remove some of the ram and then try again?

  Ibanez2010 11:47 18 Jan 2012

Which version of Windows 7 are you trying to install? 32bit or 64bit? If it's the 64bit version then that's not going to work on your pc anyway.

  sharpamat 11:59 18 Jan 2012

As you are upgrading rather than clean installing suggest you post details of version of XP and Version of upgrade home, pro,ultimate . and type ( 32 or 64 bit ) Presume you did get the activation key with the disc you purchased which could be a fault on the disc.

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