Windows 7 upgrade sticks at 60% of last step

  cliffoa 11:25 19 Oct 2010

I've been running vista on my laptop for the last 3 years, putting up with the proverbial freezes, slowdowns and general instability, and have finally decided to upgrade to 7. I decided on the 'upgrade' rather than clean install as I thought that would be easier. Ha.

I left it upgrading and went to bed last night, but when i got up this morning i found it had stuck at 60% of the final stage, 'Transferring files, setting and programs'(334393 of 472944 transferred).

Looks like i don't have any alternative to switching the power off. Will that roll me back to my old vista, and does anyone have any solutions for completing the upgrade? I'd do the clean install but I was worried about losing drivers and stuff, and rendering my laptop unusable by a full clean install.

Regarding a clean install, I'm not actually that bothered about all the programmes and settings if I lost those, as I could reinstall the ones I needed, and to be honest I could probably do with clearing a lot of accumulated crap off my laptop, but, as I say, I'm worried that a full install will wipe out drivers or other important stuff. Or are my fears misplaced?

I've looked online but can't find a nailed on solution for cracking the 60% upgrade crash. So any advice would be gratefully received. Don't you just love microsoft, they throw these things out there, charge a fortune for them, and when they fall over they just leave you to work it out for yourself. Wish I had a quid for everyone who'd ever said that.

(In case anyone is wondering, I'm using an alternative netbook to post this. My laptop is still locked up at 60% of the upgrade)

Thanks in advance for any useful advice guys.

  BRYNIT 11:47 19 Oct 2010

Freezing, slowing down or instability could indicate a possible fault with the hard drive. The computer stopping at 60% on an upgrade could also mean a possible hard drive problem, bad sectors preventing the information being written to the drive.

You could try rebooting and see if it will continue with the upgrade.

If you still have problems I would do a clean install. Formating the drive may rectify any possible drive problems.

If you go to the Manufacturers web site you should be able to find all drivers needed.

  MrNewName 11:48 19 Oct 2010

There is a known Vista to Win7 upgrade problem but it usually stalls at 62%

click here

Have you backed up your data? If so, time for a clean install of Win7 rather than upgrade.

  cliffoa 12:32 19 Oct 2010

Okay thanks, a clean install seems to be the route to go. This may seem like a dumb question, but regarding getting all the relevant drivers from the manufacturer's website, is that something I do BEFORE the upgrade, or AFTER? If I do it before, what happens to those drivers during the install, which I assume wipes the hard drive? And if I do it after the install, can I be confident the computer will be able to get me online to look for the drivers after the install?
As you can see, I'm not a techy person. I'm okay using computers when they're working fine, but when things go wrong and i have to get up the hood, i'm not that confident about what i'm doing.

  MrNewName 15:26 19 Oct 2010

Window 7 is pretty impressive when it comes to finding device drives online. This would obviously mean that you need your network drivers working so I'd download at least those before doing the reinstall.
Simply download the drivers to a USB stick or CD / DVD and when Win7 is installed go to device manager and see what devices need new drivers.

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