Windows 7 update problem. NTLDR missing.

  hssutton 20:58 12 Sep 2013

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, after an update last evening I suddenly get a problem. NTLDR IS Missing. Not sure if the update caused the problem, but my PC has been running OK for many months. It would seem from reports on the web that this is a problem normally associated with XP.

I tried a repair using my window 7 disk, but this did not solve the problem. After many restart attempts my PC is now up and running again, but I'm concerned That this will happen again. At the moments I have just my 'C' drive and external drive conected, although normally I do have two SSD drives installed which I use as scratch disks for Photoshop.

Any suggestion as to how to proceed if this happens again. Many thanks.

  john bunyan 21:27 12 Sep 2013


Found this via Google


PS cheeky question - can one buy CS6 update3 on disc and not on subscription? (I have CS5)The Adobe site is unhelpful. Hope you solve the issue you raised!

1]: [click here

  john bunyan 21:30 12 Sep 2013

Another (MS) link:


  hssutton 23:33 12 Sep 2013

Thanks for the links John, I'd already been to your first link, but unsure if it sorts out the problem, will probably find out over the next few days. Your last post seems to be the way forward if the problem re-occurs.

CS6 as far as I know only has the one update this being to, I never bothered with this one as my version is quite stable. Other updates which include 'Smart Sharpen' and 'Camera shake reduction' are only available for the 'Cloud' version

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