Windows 7 is there any better?

  spec 20:23 01 Jul 2014

I recently bought a new PC, the first in many years. It has W7 but I've always been a Wxp user, loved it. In a short time I have come to hate W7, just can't seem to find anything and already my browser has been hijacked by many and the PC has slowed badly. I have kept my Wxp PC thankfully because this monster won't let me install old progs. Is there any system that comes even near to Wxp I could switch to before I lose faith completely in computers?

Thanks for listening to my moan.

  tullie 20:32 01 Jul 2014

Sorry you are having problems,I find that Windows 7 is the best operating system Ive had.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:38 01 Jul 2014
  Batch 13:42 02 Jul 2014

I'm guessing that you have W7 64 bit. If you were to have W7 32 bit, you might find that some older software runs (I'm running some Win3.1 software on W7x32 which won't even install on W7x64).

One way or another I've made W7 look and feel pretty much like XP for most day to day activity. Mostly by tweaking settings etc. It's not perfect, but liveable and a lot better than vanilla W7.

If you are tempted, bear in mind the following:

In practice 32 bit will only access approx. 3.4GB of memory.

That said, if all you are using the PC for is office type work (e.g. word processing, spreadsheets), web browsing, viewing photos / videos (not video editing), you probably won't even use all of the 3.4GB.

Windows updates are much smaller. I had W7x64 on one machine and W7x32 on another. The updates on x32 were about half the size.

Also the disk usage by the OS will, accordingly, be much less. Arguably, it follows that x32 might be marginally faster (as there is less to transfer around).

Also x32 supports 32 bit drivers (you absolutely cannot install 32 bit drivers on an x64 OS). So if you have old hardware with only 32 bit drivers (e.g. scanner, printer) the drivers may well work under x32.

Security on W7x32 is said to be marginally less than W7x64 (don't know if same holds true for W8).

  Ian in Northampton 15:17 02 Jul 2014

Fwiw, I'm a long time XP user, and still greatly prefer it - but that's mostly a matter of familiarity. When I installed W7 on my other PC, I hated it with a passion - mostly because it didn't seem to do much that XP didn't do (that I wanted/needed to do) - it just hid how you did it in a different place. But now, I've been using W7 for 3 years or more, and I'm fine with it - I know my way around it (not as well as XP), and have come to terms with it. Do I still prefer XP? Yes. Have I found things that W7 does better/easier? Yes. The message? Don't give up on W7.

  spec 20:12 02 Jul 2014

Thank you gentlemen. I must admit you have relieved some of my anxiety and I will thoroughly look into all you say.

Many thanks to you all.

  Ian in Northampton 20:22 02 Jul 2014

Btw: you were lucky to get a new PC with Windows 7 - it could have been much, much worse... :-) (And that would have really had you tearing your hair out. But perhaps, in a few years time, I'll have learned to love Windows 8 too. By which time, of course, we'll be on Windows 10...)

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