Windows 7 System Restore doesn't restore

  Graphicool1 16:56 19 Nov 2012

Windows 7

System Restore doesn't restore.

I set up restore points, it says it's done it. I click to restore and it shows me a whole slew of saved restore points. But nomatter which one I choose the result is always the same. It goes through the motions, reboots and tells me it hasn't changed anything?

All the Restore Points are saved on external drives. Do you think it would make any difference if I saved them to my C: drive? I was reluctant to do this, in case it might overwrite something?

  Graphicool1 17:33 19 Nov 2012

Thanx for that I'll take a look.

  Graphicool1 17:36 19 Nov 2012

Further to your post mooly what if I were to transfer the System Restore points I have on the external disks to the C: drive, would they work then, or do I have to delete them and start again?

  john bunyan 17:37 19 Nov 2012

I find that sometimes in W7 restore works and sometimes not. I had a problem last week with the big update (18 updates) and could not get system restore to work However I successfully used it a day or two later when I had trouble updating Google Earth. I use Acronis True Image for "proper" back up images and clones.

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