Windows 7 soundcard query

  Happy37 19:27 07 Jun 2010

Hello everyone

I am currently checking to see how Windows 7 will work/run on both of my Pentium 4 PCs.

One PC has got a 3.2 GHz processor, and the other has got a 2.4 GHz one.

The one with the 3.2 GHz processor runs Windows 7 fine. It's the other PC that I am having trouble with, and I am seriously considering going back to Windows XP Pro just on this PC for the time being.

The problem is that the on-board sound (SoundMAX) works perfectly in Windows XP Pro, and I have never had any problems with this setup till now.

Since moving to Windows 7, the on-board sound does work, but the sound has to be turned up a lot before I can actually hear anything. In comparison to Windows XP, this is very different, partly down to the fact that the architecture is different in Windows 7 than XP when it comes to the sound setup.

I know that there aren't any new Windows 7 drivers available for the SoundMAX on-board audio as ASUS confirmed this a while ago.

I have today tried a Creative Audigy SE soundcard and run it under Windows 7. It works OK, but the fact remains that the "WhatUHear" or "Stereo Mix" feature has been disabled by Creative.

It was exactly for this feature that I purchased a brand new soundcard, but I didn't know that the "WhatUHear" or "Stereo Mix" feature has been disabled by Creative/wouldn't work.

So, can someone please advise of an entry level soundcard (preferably not Creative) that works perfectly OK under Windows 7 as well as having the "WhatUHear" or "Stereo Mix" feature enabled so that I can record sounds coming out from my PC speakers.

Any comments and suggestions will be most welcome.

Can the Audigy SE card be made to work under Windows 7 or not as I want it to? I am now thinking of returning the card back to Creative as it did not work as I had wanted it to.

I have tried the official Creative drivers, as well as the unofficial ones by Daniel_K.

Thanks in advance - look forward to all comments.



  T I M B O 20:45 07 Jun 2010
  Happy37 21:05 07 Jun 2010


Thanks for your reply - I have already tried yor link as suggested.

Nada...the card does not work in the manner that I want it to.

Thanks for trying...any other ideas?

  Happy37 13:33 24 Jun 2010

Hvae now bought an external Creative USB soundcard and this now works perfectly well in Windows 7 with the latest drivers.

Thanks to everyone that replied and helped.



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