Windows 7 Security

  SURVEY 20:44 29 Nov 2011

What security do I need for a Windows 7 laptop? Is the Windows Firewall sufficient? I would add Avast AV. Windows Defender or Windows Security Essentials? Anything else?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:55 29 Nov 2011

Windows 7 firewall is OK one only of the other Anti viruses you mention is also OK (my preference would be Avast) (MSE superceeds Defender)

Use spyware blaster as a blocker and Malwarebytes to check for spy/ malware.

something to check your emails for spam - Mailwasher / Spamihaltor

  SURVEY 22:01 29 Nov 2011

Thanks Fruit Bat. All noted and use Mailwasher already which I assume is compatible with Windows Mail?

  SURVEY 19:12 06 Dec 2011

OK. My new Windows 7 laptop arrives tomorrow. Is the general feeling that Avast for the AV program in preference to MSE. Plus spywareblaster. Is that it? Spybot recommended or necessary?? Mailwasher presently used and will continue with that.

  SURVEY 09:27 07 Dec 2011

My laptop will come with a 'free' 2 year Mcafee suite. However, I do not want it and will remove it. Surely if it is not activated I should be able to remove it with its uninstaller/

  rdave13 09:32 07 Dec 2011

Yes it should remove in programs and features so long as you leave the icon (activating) well alone. Works with Norton as well.

  SURVEY 09:46 07 Dec 2011

I did read somewhere that it is necessary to activate Mcafee and then it can be uninstalled; not sure I like that idea at all. Hopefully Add/Remove will do the job unless anyone knows differently!

  SURVEY 10:37 07 Dec 2011

Chronus - does this act differmntly to Add/Remove?

  john bunyan 12:30 07 Dec 2011

SURVEYI agree with Fruit bat, although I an used to (free) Avira as anti virus. Choose youself from MSE (auto update etc), Avast or Avira, only install one nati vius. I have CCleaner as a cleaner on intenet stuff etc and as a mild registry cleaner; Superantispyware and Malawarebytes as malware scanners (prefer SAS)ans Spywareblaster as nalware blocker. I now use the W7 Firewall. My ISP is good at the moment in blocking spam.I would uninstall McAfee, if necessary by using (free) Revo uninstaller, but the windows should do it plus a registry clean with CCleaner.

  john bunyan 12:31 07 Dec 2011

sorry about misspelling - my keyboard is hardly readable!!

  SURVEY 13:22 07 Dec 2011

Hi buteman - yes have tried both Mcafee and Norton and haven't been particularly impressed by either as they seem to slow the computer down and both companies seem to a problem when it comes to renewing a subscription

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