Windows 7 scam

  dlguk 12:40 21 Dec 2011

I received a call today from outside this country claiming to be phoning on behalf of Microsoft as I have been having a bit of bother with my PC (blue screens, sites that I use not opening, just can’t get SP1 to install) I let him keep talking. I asked the name of the company, still none the wiser. He said that M/soft had received a report from my PC and forwarded it to them. He asked me to: • Type ‘inf online’ in Run and see how many PNF files there were....a lot • Type ‘eventvwr’ in Run, the Event Viewer window opened • Under Windows Log/Application 5628 events about 100 red errors, the rest yellow. • I don’t recall what I typed in CMD but it brought up my PCs unique ID which he read saying that was the number they had from M/Soft. • Onto a supervisor, then the crunch, “windows firewall licence has expired, tell me your email address and we will bill you through PayPal, £40 one off payment” He actually gave me London number when I told him I would think about it. I think a ‘Restore to Factory settings’ is in order, any other views??

  lotvic 13:23 21 Dec 2011

And Microsoft say Don't fall for phoney support call

"Cybercriminals have started calling people on the telephone, claiming to be from Microsoft, and offering to help solve their computer problems. Once cybercriminals have gained a victim’s trust, they can do one or more of the following: - Trick people into installing malicious software on their computer. - Take control of a victim’s computer remotely and adjust settings in order to leave the computer vulnerable. - Request credit card information so that cybercriminals can bill for the phony services.

Microsoft will not make unsolicited phone calls to help you with your computer. If you receive a phone call like this, hang up."

  dlguk 13:36 21 Dec 2011

Thank you both, when on the phone I made sure I was offline. I didn't give any details at all not even an email address. How was he able to correctly access my PCs ID (I don't mean IP address?)

  compumac 13:42 21 Dec 2011

He did not know - You told him in the conversation

  dlguk 13:53 21 Dec 2011

noway compumac, I offered no information and I said in my post I didn't know how to get to it. Oh btw Woolwell I did run both malware and antivirus software-no threats found.

  compumac 14:16 21 Dec 2011

duguk I would apologise for that then, it was just that a friend of mine was in the same situation as you and in the conversation the person asked him to check the ID shown on the PC and then indicated "Yes that is right". My friend only remembered that part of the conversation after I pushed him into thinking back. It is rather like in these surveys carried out in public places that you realise afterwards that you have inadvertently given out information that you would not have done normally but got caught on the hop.

  dlguk 15:29 21 Dec 2011

Np compumac, I was suspicious from the start but just want to hear the catch so let him ramble. The main reason for the Thread was all those errors in Event Viewer etc and if I can 'clean' them.

  johndrew 15:54 21 Dec 2011

".. those errors in Event Viewer etc and if I can 'clean' them."

If you double click the error in Event Viewer another window will open telling you what it refers to. Many are nothing to worry about, but there is a Microsoft URL at the bottom which will take you to the MS site for more information and corrective action (if available) in the form of a 'Help' page which pops up.

It may ease your mind and help with any real problems.

  dlguk 16:26 21 Dec 2011

thanx johndrew, I will go though them later, Merry Christmas

  Batch 17:18 21 Dec 2011

As you say

"I don’t recall what I typed in CMD but it brought up my PCs unique ID which he read saying that was the number they had from M/Soft"

How do you know it was your so called PCs unique ID? Surely it could have been anything and he was just read out to you some standard code that is somewhere inside your (and everybody elses) Windows system that he told you was your PCs unique ID.

  lotvic 17:51 21 Dec 2011

I wonder if they were trying to con you with the Local Host ID

In cmd prompt type in ping localhost

just google it... you can buy T shirts with the logo 'There's no place like'

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