Windows 7 SATA HDD in older PC help

  Kev.Ifty 19:42 26 Feb 2014

My MEDION PC has stopped working, I can no longer see video or hear sounds. The CPU fan works, there are lights on the MB and I can feel the HDD running. I have tried the monitor in a different source and it is ok. I have an old PC a Dell that runs VISTA.

Can I connect my Windows 7 HDD (both SATA) from my MEDION to my DELL?

I recon it aint so simple.


  xania 10:29 27 Feb 2014

If you don't have any SATA ports on your Dell PC, you will need to buy a SATA converter

click">">click here SATA drive will have the drivers for the Medion but Windows 7 should be able to power up and install your Dell drivers, but this approach wil result in a slower OS and could be even more of a problem if you then want to move the HHD back to the Medion.

A better alternative would be to use an external caddy to connect the Medion HHD via USB to the Dell to download any data you need

click here


  Kev.Ifty 08:51 28 Feb 2014

Hey up Jock1e and xania thank you for your answers. Jock1e My Medion does not have a separate video card, it is on board. I was thinking of trying a video card in one of the pci slots but, thought I might be throwing good money after bad! Maybe a cheap one from ebay is it worth a try?

xania thanks mate for your reply. Both computers are SATA. I put my Medion HDD in the DELL and it don't work. It just comes up with the windows disc check thing and then says cant resolve the problem.

What I would like is to get my stuff off of the Medion (windows 7) HDD. But it seems if Windows has been loaded on a certain original PC configuration one cannot change Mother Boards etc?

Any tips?


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