Windows 7 recovery partions

  hiwatt 12:38 26 Jan 2013

Hi folks,on my new computer(windows 7)in disk management as well as my C:drive partion there are 4 other recovery partions.The thing is they are all showing the same number under capacity and free space as if there is nothing on them?I'm also not sure why there are 4?One is called active recovery partion(2.00GB) and the other 3 just recovery partion at 4.21GB,4.80GB and 6.65GB.Cany anyone shed any light on why it's like this?Thanks folks.

  hiwatt 12:38 26 Jan 2013

Should say "partition" by the way!

  hiwatt 13:28 26 Jan 2013

But in disk management they are all called "Recovery partitions"?

  hiwatt 15:22 26 Jan 2013

Jock1e,like you I have F,G,H,I which are all removable media which will be the card readers!On my disk 0,I have my system C:and another 4 recovery partitions.I've not made a restore disc yet so I'm wondering if it could be that?It's just strange that the capacity and free space read the same for each(ie capacity 2.00gb,free space 2.00gb)Thanks.

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