Windows 7 Recovery disks

  hawthorn59 17:25 22 Mar 2010


I want to make recovery disks for my new laptop. I didnt opt to do so when i was prompted at the beginning so i better do it now. I look it up and am I correct in saying that it is a "system image" in Windows 7? Is this the same as in XP or Vista?
I remember having to use 3 DVDs (or 10 CDs!) in XP or Vista. Is it the same type of backup?

Or does "system Image" mean you could recover all your files and data if things went wrong? Or is it just the system and settings drivers etc that it saves?

Just curious!! And also want to make sure its ok to go ahead with system image, as there are a few options and Im not sure which!



  Sea Urchin 17:37 22 Mar 2010

It would be helpful if you stated the type and model of laptop

  lotvic 18:00 22 Mar 2010

It's usually to make disks to restore to factory fresh state and nothing to do with your data (My Documents) and any extra programs you have put on since.

If you answer Sea Urchin's question it would be helpful.

  hawthorn59 18:56 22 Mar 2010

Sorry. Its a HP Pavilion dv6. Yes i thought it was factory fresh condition too, but it says system image. Someone told me it was different in Win 7.

But there could be the factor fresh option too, maybe Im just looking in the wrong place.


  hawthorn59 19:38 22 Mar 2010

Problem solved.

There is more than one way! System image is exactly that! It saves everything.

Then there is Recovery Disk Creation which I found in start/all programs, and this restore the pc to its original factory state. You can only make one set.

I guess it wouldnt be a bad idea to do both!
I'll mark this as resolved tomorrow, just so a few more people might get to read it.



  robin_x 00:49 23 Mar 2010

From memory, some weeks after buying new laptop, but still some months ago...

I made a set of 3 DVDs and a single recovery CD or DVD.
From previous experience, I also cloned those discs.
So the "only allowed one set" became two.

I have had problems with old discs becoming scratched, even when carefully handled and stored.

When a re-install gives abort/retry/fail, just pop the identical mirror in and retry.

I also have a 500GB HDD, and using Partition Wizard made an extra copy of the RP in a new parition there. (15GB?)

And of course when you have everything hunky-dory make a system image. And copy that too.

So...two backups of everything.

Shortcut to Create Restore Point on your desktop/taskbar always useful too.
(Sytem properties/System Protection tab)

I use restore points several times a day.
But of course many viruses target them.

One of Avira/AVG/Avast/MS Security Essentials should be installed.

Or Norton/Mcaffee/Kapersky if you really must.

Malwarebytes or Superantispyware or similar on hand should you ever need them.

I keep copies on a flash drive. But they are regularly updated. Refresh them every few weeks/months.

Lots of work. I have only had 3 viruses in decades of computing. But they were nasty.

  hawthorn59 19:55 28 Mar 2010

basic question probably....but the best way of making copies of the backup dvds??



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