Windows 7 "no audio device installed"?

  pmelby84 17:31 30 Apr 2015

So I had windows 7 installed on my HPpavillion PC. It had vista before the computer was formatted and windows 7 was installed. Now after I have no audio at all ...the little speaker icon is always crossed out and says no audio device installed. Ive tried driver update and restoring old drivers. But under device manager it has no playback device and says no HD audio device..... I need help please been 9months no audio

  wee eddie 17:53 30 Apr 2015

Similar problem with XP to W7. Bought USB Sound Card for a couple of quid

  pmelby84 19:25 30 Apr 2015

What kind of pc are you using and is that the only fix... ?

  bumpkin 21:44 30 Apr 2015

You could spend forever trying all sorts of things. USB sound stick as Wee eddie says. It is a simple cheap solution, I use one on one of my PC's having spent hours buggering about with sound cards and drivers. Cost about a fiver, just plug it in a USB port and the audio cable in the back of it job done and no difference in sound quality.

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