Windows 7 question

  Bike-it 00:01 21 Dec 2011

I received my new Sony Vaio laptop today which is running windows 7 home premium, but on the taskbar at the bottom right hand side of the screen there is no network icon, its the icon with the two small screens with the blue ball, how can i go about enabling this so the icon is visible,

  lotvic 00:14 21 Dec 2011

W7 doesn't have that, but there is a workaround, read this other thread on pca

  robin_x 00:24 21 Dec 2011

Right click Task Bar Properties/Taskbar Tab/Customize

When new to W7, Google Windows 7 Tips and Tricks Forums.

It's been out 2 years now. I had trouble at first. Plenty to be found.

  rdave13 00:26 21 Dec 2011

Although the new icon is a telly with a plug showing on the left. In the notificaton ares click on the up arrow head, click customoze and when you see the Network Icon then select 'Show Icon and Norifications'. Select OK at the bottom of the window.

  rdave13 00:27 21 Dec 2011

What's happened to my spellchecker? :(

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