Windows 7 problems ??

  menopaws1947 14:34 27 Apr 2010

HI, I recently got a Samsung laptop with Windows 7. Am having big problems with games, bought some more BigFish games, won't download properly and the BigFish manager is a blank screen. With the Oberon games that came with Windows 7 no writing.

Have uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe Flash(which, along with Java, have had nothing but probs since had new comp). Have also followed a number of things to rectify this prob via Big Fish.
Please can anyone help as I love my games.

  Rahere 14:49 27 Apr 2010

I note that bigfish games have a webpage devoted to install problems click here

Since it's a new computer have you installed correctly? Vista/w7 has added security you MAY need to run as admin to install.

Also check if you are using IE 32 bit not IE 64 bit as browser, this is often an issue for new users, limited support for flash in 64 bit version for example.

  menopaws1947 16:17 27 Apr 2010

HI Rahere, First thing I did was go into that and reinstalled Adobe, updated drivers, got rid of Aero, in fact everything they told me to do. I use Google Chrome as IE8 is so bad, perhaps is the 32 bit thing, I will check for that. Thanks very much for advice. I am considering installing Xp again as, in all fairness, never had any probs with it and am not impressed with the overall performance of Windows 7


  Rahere 16:49 27 Apr 2010

Look under programs you'll see two entries for Internet Explorer, one is 32 bit one is 64 bit.

If this is the problem then set IE 32 bit as default and you should be OK.

Have you tried installing in XP compatibility mode? Some games may not be written for windows 7...

In case you have downloaded the game but are unable to install it because of a compatibility error report, you can try running it in compatibility mode.

Here’s how:
Right click on the executable file and select properties.
Go to compatibility tab.
Click the “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” box and select the operating system you wish to invoke compatibility for from the drop-down menu. In your case Vista should work.
If you want to place restrictions on colors, screen resolutions or visual themes pertaining to this program use the appropriate check boxes.
Click “Apply” then “OK” to exit the property sheet.

Test and see if the game installs fine.

Hope this works.

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