WINDOWS 7 photo display shows much improvement

  Splodge 16:05 29 Oct 2008

I was very against Vista from the beginning, having Beta-tested it.

Windows7 is a different kettle. it seems to give me everything I am looking for, much of which I already have with different programs.

For those who would like to view snapshops of various Window7 sceens go he:

click here

Early days but very promising I personally think!

  Rahere 16:14 29 Oct 2008

Have you acually tried windoze 7 yet? Or are you just promoting it ;-)

  crosstrainer 16:18 29 Oct 2008

Must we have yet more gadgets? And yet more threads about an as yet unreleased os?

  Splodge 16:44 29 Oct 2008

Windows 7 is still in a testing phase, due out next year!

I am not promoting it, if you look at my blogs, I beta tested Vista from the beginning and was very firmly against it!

I have a number of very useful "gadgets" on my computer which I have put on after trying very many. A number of those, which I find very useful, appear to be part of the new design.

I might say, one of those on is the Jet Tool-Bar which has allowed me direct access to the New York Times. It has been very useful with the presidential elections and the current down-turn in the market.

I also have the sidebar and that gives me instant weather forecasts! I could go on but, as a 78 year old, I have more time than most to scour the offerings and pass them on!

Still, idiots like you do not deserve any help!


  Rahere 16:50 29 Oct 2008

Thanks for clarifying and sorry If I was the poster who caused offence, I'm a natural cynic I suppose.

I use widgets in Opera for weather etc and these are v helpful to me - but not to everyone's taste obviously!

  T I M B O 17:01 29 Oct 2008

Widgets, use em or lose em, the choice is ur's im sure......

  T I M B O 17:02 29 Oct 2008

I actually have the weather widget here that i have with my web brouser, it tucks itself away...

  T I M B O 17:40 29 Oct 2008


  Rahere 17:46 29 Oct 2008

Stop the abuse right now, your comments are offensive and unnecessary.

People come here for help and occasionally to share items of interest not for insults.

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