Windows 7... Peek?

  Simsy 08:46 28 Oct 2009

I've just installed Win7 on my laptop, (dual boot with vista), and am slowley getting it sorted with drivers etc...

It seems to be working bettere than Vista as far as my wireless is concerned, that's for sure...

But... the "Peek" feature. Maybe I'm missing something here, but what's the point of it? What does it enable you to do?



  Technotiger 09:23 28 Oct 2009
  Technotiger 09:23 28 Oct 2009

He he he - Google :-))

  Simsy 10:14 28 Oct 2009

what it does, both in practice and via that link, makes all the open windows transparent, so you can see the desktop... what I mean is, how or why is that useful??



  Technotiger 14:25 28 Oct 2009

Probably just pleasing to the eye - for some!

  Simsy 15:08 28 Oct 2009

but I've seen it lauded as a good thing. It there something more to it that I'm missing? How can you make use of it... does anyone know?



  Technotiger 16:02 28 Oct 2009

I think it is aimed at those people with lots of windows open on their desktop, who, as a result might forget what is on the bottom of the pile 'so to speak' - being transparent allows them to see 'peek' at what is underneath, or even just to see their desktop.

Though it does not make a lot of sense to me.

  Simsy 16:18 28 Oct 2009

It makes all of the windows transparent, so you can't see what's at the bottom of the pile... all you can see is the desktop.

It's been so highly praised that I'm sure there must be something more to it!



  wiz-king 16:35 28 Oct 2009

I thought you were talking about the good old days of memory location look-up. ;-)

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