Windows 7 PC Crashes Continually

  Big Trev 03:21 25 Jun 2014

I have a PC upon which I installed Windows 7. 2.8GHz CPU, 3GB of RAM. Problem is it keeps crashing every time you ask a programme to do anything. For example open a new browser window etc. I've deleted a load of malware the kids managed to get on it and run Awdcleaner, Avast Virus check and Windows Security Essentials, but no joy. crashes so badly Ctrl, Alt, Del doesn't work and you have to turn it off at the switch.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:32 25 Jun 2014

in the search box type

sfc /scannow

let windows find and restore missing or corrupt system files it will take awhile to complete

see if that helps.

  Big Trev 04:45 26 Jun 2014

By crashing I mean hanging up. Just freezing, but not blue screen. System restore hung up also. I shall try the SFc /scannow.

  Big Trev 04:45 26 Jun 2014

By crashing I mean hanging up. Just freezing, but not blue screen. System restore hung up also. I shall try the SFc /scannow.

  mole1944 05:31 26 Jun 2014

I know this won't help now but a bit of advice,(1) Try system restore,(2)Back all your data or save to another device,(3) Do as i do and clone your drive when it's working ok and on say a weekly basis (I use Acronis but there are free alternatives. By cloning you can clone back onto or swap the iffy drive,saving you hours and hours of reinstalling.

  [DELETED] 12:00 26 Jun 2014

Remove windows security essential, running two antivirus programs can cause conflict.

  Big Trev 12:28 26 Jun 2014

Thanks guys, but I think you are underestimating the extent of the problem. I can't run, uninstal or reinstate anything. Even system restore freezes! Whatever I try results in me having to turn it off with the main switch. Even in Safe Mode! I did run SFc / runnow in safe mode, but it didn't find anything.

  Jollyjohn 13:09 26 Jun 2014

If no blue screen - strongly suspect overheating - open case up and check all fans are running.

  bumpkin 13:27 26 Jun 2014

As Jollyjohn says and be sure to clean the heatsink on the cpu, you may need to remove the fan to do this.

  Big Trev 03:39 27 Jun 2014

Okay guys and gals, this evening I removed the fan and heat sink, gave the CPU and the underside of the heat sink a good cleaning, applied more thermal paste and reassembled. Vacuumed the fans , vents and innards of the PC, and yet the problem persists.

All fans are running. The heat sink feels warm, but not hot.

  Big Trev 04:03 27 Jun 2014

Okay, tonight I cleaned the CPU and heat sink and reinstated them after applying fresh thermal paste. Vacuumed the PC's innards and vents. Checked all the fans are working (they are). Yet the problem persists.

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