windows 7 other language

  MIKE. 18:30 03 Jun 2010

I am running a dell studio laptop with windows 7 home. when I hover my mouse over a word on the internet, it shows up as a small box showing the word I selected plus the word in other languages. Is this a virus or some setup that I have caused.

  mfletch 18:40 03 Jun 2010

Does this happen on all pages or just some sites

  MIKE. 18:42 03 Jun 2010

I seems to happen on all pages.

  mfletch 18:45 03 Jun 2010

Sorry to ask again but is it all words or just some usually coloured green

  MIKE. 18:57 03 Jun 2010

I went back to my screen it seemed to be all words by curiously it seems ok now strange!!!!!!

  john bunyan 19:13 03 Jun 2010

I have recently noticed the same. There is a small blue disable option in the bottom right of the box. I think it may be a recent MS update to IE8 ?

  john bunyan 19:15 03 Jun 2010

Yes, it is a toolbar option and I have now disabled it.

  john bunyan 19:24 03 Jun 2010

It is in the Google toolbar. Click on the spanner symbol, choose tools and disable the translate option.

  MIKE. 21:09 03 Jun 2010

Many thanks john bunyan. I have disabled the option you mentioned and will see how it goes.

  Sea Urchin 21:37 03 Jun 2010

Not a new update - translation has always been a feature of the Google toolbar

  MIKE. 21:40 03 Jun 2010

Hi Sea Urchin I must go around with my eyes closed, I haver noticed this before. Thanks for every ones help.

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