Windows 7 OS on PC and Laptop

  tonyq 08:49 11 Dec 2012

Hi, last year I bought a PC with Windows 7 installed,which came with the Windows 7 Disc. I am now looking for a new laptop. Could I install Win 7 on the laptop,if I bought one with no operating system installed from say Novatech,using the disc I received with the PC.

  Jollyjohn 12:22 11 Dec 2012

Having had a quick look at Novatech site and comparing it to Tesco, I don't see much of a saving buying a laptop with no OS. - link to a Lenovo laptop, newly listed at Tesco.

  onthelimit1 12:22 11 Dec 2012

The disc will be fine, but you won't have a COA key to activate it. You'll have to buy a disc and key from somewhere like these.

  lotvic 17:17 11 Dec 2012

And don't fall for the scammers that sell a 'genuine product key' for about a tenner. They sell you a genuine key alright, BUT they sell the same key hundreds of times so after a few weeks it will fail (if it activates at all) as Microsoft will flag it up and put it on the banned key list. Then wherever you bought it from will have closed down (so you can't complain to them) and opened up again with a new name to con the next set of mugs.

  tonyq 17:27 11 Dec 2012

Thank you all for your help/advice,I have ordered a laptop that comes with the O/S installed (Windows 7), enter link description here

  tonyq 11:52 12 Dec 2012

Jock1e, sorry if I have missed something which discount code?

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