Windows 7 and Orange Livebox

  liseylooloo 14:06 15 Jan 2010

My sis has just purchased an Acer lappy with Windows 7 and she can't connect wirelessly (sp?) to our Orange Livebox.

She has tried putting the web key in and the lappy won't connect. Someone has said to me that it may be a compatibility issue with the router? Orange maintain there is no compatibility issue at all.

The router works with a desktop pc(Win XP), a Vaio lappy( Win XP) and all our iPhones but not her Acer lappy?

She has managed to get online at her place of business so we know the lappy is fine.

Any ideas?? Many thanks!

  mgmcc 14:55 15 Jan 2010

Did you put the Livebox into "pairing" mode when trying to connect her Laptop?

  User-1229748 13:38 16 Jan 2010

what security is on the router because i read that windows 7 can be a bit fussy with wep? it may have been windows 7 64 bit but i can't remember.also if the lappy already has a profile on it from connecting it at work then delete that profile and try to connect to the network manually from network and sharing center

  liseylooloo 20:00 16 Jan 2010

We did indeed put the Livebox into 'pairing mode' and it still wouldn't connect.

My sis actually connected to her work's internet after we had tried to get the lappy to connect to the Livebox, and we also tried & failed to get it to connect manually through the network and sharing centre.

Any other ideas?

Many thanks!

  Orange Response 17:05 18 Jan 2010

Hi liseylooloo,

Sorry to read of your problems. I work for Orange and may be able to help.

If you can email your landline number/broadband account number and best contact number to [email protected], I'll give you a ring to discuss.

So I can pick up your mail quickly, please add 'Jonathan Orange Response' in the first line.

Hope this helps

Orange Response Team

  Demora 10:16 21 Jan 2010


Sorry to hijack this a bit.

My daughter is having a similar problem. all pcs' ar XP home except one. which is XP Pro. also her router is emitting a bleep every so often.

I've tried to help by telling her to go into windows and check all her settings that they match etc. BUT now I'm stuck.

I'm just going to watch this post in case anything we haven't tried comes up.

Thanks and sorry again.


  JessicaD42 14:54 21 Jan 2010


Have you verified with the Microsoft Windows Compatibility Center to ensure that the router is indeed guaranteed to be compatible?

The Microsoft Windows 7 Compatibility Center is located at the following link: click here

Microsoft Windows Client Team

  Donald2000 20:05 07 Jun 2010

My friend has just received her Livebox from Orange but her machine has XP. The machine rejects the CD Rom for setup and says that it needs a machine with SP1 plus. In the meantime Orange are telling her that their broadband takes 10-15 days to kick in from fresh.

The livebox lights just flash red the whole time.

Can someone let me know whats going on and why the darn thing does not work. I used to be quite good at getting a broadband to work but this thing is giving me the abdabs.

Thanks all.

  daureluc 11:46 06 Jul 2010

when the livebox is flashing red, this means there is no network (wan) therefore useless to try and connect.

when it comes to window 7 often you get the issue where before you can connect you need to successively disable the devide (wireless or ethernet) from the network center, then enable it again. 99% of the time this will actually solve the issue. It's a windows vista/7 issue that occur on some router. and you might need to do this at each reboot of the pc (hell... i know)

more computer support on live chat

  jaswal99 20:50 26 Jan 2011

I have exactly the same problem but no one is yet to declare a solution to conneting an Orange Livebox to a Windows 7 laptop.

Please help!

  mgmcc 21:30 26 Jan 2011

You should have started your own thread instead of tagging on to the end of an almost seven month old one.

Routers are "platform independent", so any computer that uses TCP/IP protocol can connect irrespective of the operating system. Have you put the Livebox into "pairing" mode before trying to connect the Laptop wirelessly to it?

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