Windows 7 and Office 2000 Outlook

  popgeoff 15:25 21 Mar 2010

Recently bought new desktop with Windows 7. Having moved through XP and Vista over the years.I installed my old Office 2000 professional to the new machine and have the same problem with trying to import Contacts in Outlook. Get the message that " unable to find wab.dll "
When I had this problem going from XP to Vista I was advised tocopy the file wab32.dll and wab32res.dll from System to System 32. That worked fine then.
I have tried the same thing with Windows 7 but this time I still get the "unable to find " message.
I wonder if anyone out there has any advice.
Thanks in advance

  popgeoff 16:13 21 Mar 2010

I just tried right clicking on the programme and clicking the Compatibilty tab. Opened it in XP SP2 and it worked fine. I have now imported Contacts from old PC so am up and running !

  rawprawn 16:33 21 Mar 2010

Glad you are sorted, tick resolved please.

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