Windows 7 New Install Not Working

  willnevin 19:20 11 Nov 2015

So my hard has got corrupt somehow after upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I have managed to transfer all my files from my corrupt file to a portable hard drive over the past few days and have bought a new 1TB hard drive for £60. My computer is now currently stuck on the boot of 'Starting Windows' After trying to install windows 7 onto the new hard drive. I don't know what to do.

Additional information

On boot up it loads the UEFI cmd which i have to exit back into my motherboard then restart my computer from there. My motherboard is a A55M-E33 Military Class 4 motherboard There are no usb drives in the computer which it could possibly be booting off

Thanks for the help

  bumpkin 19:52 11 Nov 2015

Are you trying to do a clean install from the W7 DVD?

We really need a bit more information, if you are installing from the DVD make sure BIOS can see it.

  willnevin 19:57 11 Nov 2015

so i have the original window 7 disk which is what i am trying to install from. after restarting my computer once exited out from the UEFI and then the motherboard settings it asks me to press any key on my keyboard to launch the disk which is how i am installing windows 7 on my new hard drive but is currently stuck on 'starting windows' so it should show up on the bios but i am a massive noob when it comes to this kind of stuff so you may have to dumb it down for me. Thanks

  bumpkin 21:25 11 Nov 2015

OK, thanks for the reply, you are doing it correctly. It may seem a silly question but how much time are you giving it before deciding it has stopped, it can be slow. If you are sure it has stopped then clean the DVD and the lazer in the drive (if you have a cleaning disk that is) Look for marks or scratches on the disk as it may be damaged.

If it still fails to load then download an ISO copy of W7 (free) and try that, you will still be able to use your original licence key.

  bumpkin 21:34 11 Nov 2015

Forgot to say that if you cannot access this PC at all then you can download and make the ISO disk on any other that you have access to.

  willnevin 22:28 11 Nov 2015

Thanks for your response. I have been waiting of a total of 6 hours now, still on the 'starting windows' screen. I am planning to leave it overnight just in case as well. The CD has been kept in pristine condition and has no scratches what so ever on it. How can i download the ISO for W7 and where can I get it.

  bumpkin 16:12 12 Nov 2015

You can get the ISO direct from Microsoft which is probably safest but easily available on the net anyway, click here you have downloaded it you need save it as a file and then burn it to a DVD as an ISO, not just a copy. Something like "IMGburn" is good and easy to use if you google to find it. If you can,t I will find a link.


  bumpkin 16:22 12 Nov 2015

The word "once" should be directly after the link but has moved to the bottom of the page. One of the quirks of this site:-)

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