Windows 7 Librarys

  beebee 16:37 17 Feb 2010

I have 2 hdds and now want o format hte pair and start over. I have Windows7 over Vista on one drive and XP on the other.
Windows7 has set up a library for my various folders; Documents; Photographs etc., but I now need to copy these folders to a CD/DVD prior to the format.
If I simply copy the libraries to a new folder ready to be moved to a writer, will all the files scattered over the hard drives actually be captured?
Help would be greatly appreciated by this very silver surfer. Many thanks. B.

  Simsy 17:05 17 Feb 2010

See here, about a quarter of the way down, under the heading, "So what is a library?"

click here

I haven't quite got them sorted in my head myself, but I think they are really like a collection of shortcuts, to folders.

So if you copied the Libraries you'd just be copying the shortcuts, not the actual data.

However, if, instead of opening your Libraries, you open your Users folder, which contains about a dozen folders, (Documents, Music, Searches, Contacts... etc), and copied that, then you would be copying the data.

As usual, I'm open to correction, so please don't take just my word for it!!!



  john bunyan 17:47 17 Feb 2010

As usual Simsy is right. The W7 libraries can be used to dtore stuff, but act as he says, like an indexing system. Since switching to W7 I have a C: system partition - libraries on here. Also a f: partition with my old "My Documents" folders with music etc .A good free programme is FreeFileSynch and I do a mirror image of My Documents to an external HD - this creates an exact copy of all "my Documents" . If you do it via DVD's you could break it down to "My Photos" etc to get folders small enoufh foe a DVD.If you could afford an external HD it would be easier. Another option is to do an image of the drive on an external HD using Acronis True Image, then using it on the new drive.Do look through Widows Explorer to see where your files are.

  beebee 19:24 17 Feb 2010

Thanks guys, messages received and hopefully, understood. Many thanks B.

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