Windows 7 jumping back down when I try to scroll up

  Emilie 04:15 12 Oct 2013

This is new; I haven't seen this happen before. I can be typing an e mail and when I try to scroll up to view what I've typed, it won't let me, it jumps back down quickly. This happened when I was browsing on E Bay too. I tried to scroll up to see an item near the top and it jumps back down and won't stay up where I want to go. I will not let me have control of looking where I want to on the page. It always jumps back down. No amount to trying to scroll up works; it just will not let me control the page. HELP! Thanks, Emilie in NC, USA

  lotvic 21:18 12 Oct 2013

If you are using a mouse it sounds as if you have pressed the scroll wheel, if you have there will be an icon - a circle with a 4 headed arrow inside it - on your page.

Press the scroll wheel again to return to normal.

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