windows 7 incorrectly reports low disk space error

  ria 21:26 01 Feb 2010

I have 2 hard drives installed on my computer (150GB with 2 partitions and 400GB with 3 partitions).
On the 150GB one I have windows 7 and my programs installed. The other one I use for my documents, media files and backups.
A few days ago my computer has begun complaining about low disc space on C: drive.
When I start the computer up in "computer" it says there is 72.7GB free out of 94.8GB on C: drive. Within 2 hours just browsing the net or listening to music I get a balloon popping up saying that the volume is almost full and has only 400MB free offers a cleanup, freezes up the computer and I can't save any work. I can't use system restore as the cleanup utility empted the recycle bin.
What's going on?

  jamesd1981 01:26 02 Feb 2010

hi make sure your system restore is turned down to first setting or if you dont use it off altogether, and regularly run system cleaning tools.

  ria 19:43 02 Feb 2010

I have system restore set to 10%.
In the past couple of days I have run lots of system cleaning tools, including check disk and also utilities like CCleaner, Disk Cleaner and Registry Mechanic.
I also like to add that I only formatted my hard drive and reinstalled win7 64 bit about 6 weeks ago.

  jamesd1981 16:15 03 Feb 2010

have you tried inserting your windows disc and doing a repair, perhaps in your reinstall a few weeks ago something didint go right.

  john bunyan 16:21 03 Feb 2010

I have W7 Ultimate 64 bit and quite a few other progs such as PS CS4 on a 50 gig partition which I am going to increase to 80, as system restore is set to use 12 Gig and I have used 30 or so on System. All my data is stored on the data partition, but I think eMail defaults to the C Drive, so that is worth a look at. I have not experienced your problem Have you tried running a scan with Superantispyware and Malawarebytes - free.?

  ria 21:03 03 Feb 2010

Windows run perfectly until a few days ago. I did a clean install.
When C: drive goes down to 100 bytes it even disables McAfee Security Center.
I will give the two programs mentioned above a go.

  ria 19:35 05 Feb 2010

I have run the two programs now as well as others like Spybot - Search & Destroy and Ad-Aware. None of them found anything seriously wrong.
Still down to 0 bytes within an our hour or so.
I run a repair from windows installation disk .
Well, I guess the only way out of this is another reinstall of windows. :(

  john bunyan 19:46 05 Feb 2010

Have you run chkdsk to check drive for errors? To do so Click Start, Computer, highlight C:, right click, select properties,tools, then "check drive for errors" It will reboot and run the check on restart - be patient, takes quite a while (select options to auto repair etc when the check drive for errord option appears.)

  ria 18:27 06 Feb 2010

yes, tried that as well

  rdave13 19:24 06 Feb 2010

Try spacemonger. It will show what type of files are filling up your C: drive. If temporary files then it should be safe to delete them.
As for system restore I select 20% otherwise it might fail if a lot of restore point are created in a short time.
click here

  john bunyan 20:04 06 Feb 2010

This may also be worth a try:
click here Not tried it but would like to know if it, or Spacemonger works well.

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