Windows 7 incompatability?

  emmandelo1 19:04 14 Jun 2010

Hi, my father-in-law's old laptop has finally died so we are going to take the plunge and get him a new one. obviously this is going to have Windows 7 on it. Can anyone tell me if any of the following progs have any compatibility issues with Windows 7

Zone Alarm

Crap Cleaner



Reg Seeker


MS Word 2000


  MAT ALAN 19:19 14 Jun 2010

click here

type them into here...

  emmandelo1 19:27 14 Jun 2010

cheers, according to that they should all be fine. Thanks. I won't click as resolved just yet in case anyone has had any personal experience with these.

  roddypoddy 19:32 14 Jun 2010

glad your sorted,click here
I used this site when i first bought Windows 7,quite usefull.

  MAT ALAN 19:34 14 Jun 2010

Sods law says what works on one PC has problems on another, If you do find there are any issues the progs you have listed are FREE and there are more than suitable alternatives that might work better together.
let us know how you get on...

  sunnystaines 19:41 14 Jun 2010

Crap Cleaner [ccleaner]


Reg Seeker

the above 3 work on my w7 32bit.

look at the maker webs on the download page should say which o/s

  emmandelo1 21:48 14 Jun 2010

ok, thanks for all of that. As you say MAT ALAN there are always alternatives available. I'll see how it goes. Let you all know in a couple of weeks hopefully.

  robin_x 22:16 14 Jun 2010

It will be fine'ish. W7 is OK and XP is 10 years old.

"You do the Math" as our cousins say.

Get a USB external drive, if you have budget, and shift all your data there beforehand.

I got Office 2000 working, then not working, no idea why.

Double click on a Word Document gives error.
Many peeps moan about it, no clear answer.

Use File Open and navigate instead.

My modem wouldnt work under W7, AOL sent me a free wless/modem/router but I had to sign up for another 18 months.

Since I have been with them for 10 yrs and I get a great sevice (apart from India, Ireland Cust Svc is excellent), 18 months is fine (LLU exchange 4Mbps)
My Lexmark X-74 All In One would not work under
any circumstances. XP latest drivers.

Hunted and hunted. Gave up and bought a new Canon MP250 all in one scanner/printer. £35 from Argos.

No problems, but wish now I had bought the wireless version. Shop around if you need.

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