Windows 7 Image Back Up.

  bgrave 00:30 12 Jan 2010

has any one out there used the Win 7 image back up yet, if so is there any recomendation.

  mgmcc 08:36 12 Jan 2010

I've backed up and restored Windows 7 with Acronis True Image, if that's what you mean.

  jamesd1981 09:39 12 Jan 2010

i used windows 7 on image backup tool its pretty good, i stored the image on my external drive. the image can be quite big mine was over 20gb.

  David4637 10:24 12 Jan 2010

Do all the W7 versions have image backup built in?
Thanks David

  Zeppelyn 15:15 12 Jan 2010

I have tested it and restored a complete image using the Win 7 DVD. Its quite impressive too so I wont be needing Acronis in future.

  john bunyan 15:56 12 Jan 2010

I have it on Ultimate - I think it is only on Pro and Ult. In any case I prefer the familiar ATI 2010.I see Zeppelyn likes it though and will watch and wait - I did run it once and it seemed to take ages and use a lot of space.

  Zeppelyn 16:42 12 Jan 2010

It was actually pretty quick doing a restore of my C and D drives which totalled 41Gb and the back up size was 31Gb. Im using Win 7 Home Premium and its included.

  bgrave 17:32 12 Jan 2010

Many thanks for all of your comments, one thing that I am unclear of is it possible to recover a single folder or must you recover the lot.
By way I replied to this much earlier but it seems that I clicked the clear button instead and not for the first time either.

  john bunyan 18:31 12 Jan 2010

Also see here:
click here

  David4637 10:47 13 Jan 2010

Thanks for confirming that it looks like W7 Image backup is on ALL W7 versions. I must admit I have used ATI for the last 6-7 years and its been brilliant. Thanks David

  Batch 14:05 13 Jan 2010

I can't comment on the Win7 B/U utility, but Acronis TI allows one to restore individual files (e.g. you can mount an image so that it appears like another disk drive and navigate through it to retrieve individual files and / or folders).

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