windows 7 to get back to windows 10

  hubdean 13:52 28 Jun 2017

Hello I have a Asus laptop with windows 10 installed. now I have reinstalled win 10 But I am not happy with the out come. dvd drive missing PowerShell stopped computer seams slow. so can I install windows 7 and update my laptop back to windows 10 I have done this on my advent laptop but this came with win 7 installed to start. my Asus came with win 10 installed. my Advent works great. updated fine. any help please thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:57 28 Jun 2017

Try - settings - update and security - reset.

Use the option to keep or reset without keeping data.

This may well cure your problem with powershell and DVD missing.

  hubdean 16:06 28 Jun 2017

Hi Fruit Bat /\0/\ doing just that now, computer @ 2% will let you know out come thanks Mick But me thinks the dvd drive will be missing finger's crossed

  MJS WARLORD 17:30 28 Jun 2017

The following solution to your problem involves editing the registry so if you are not confident enough to do this, get somebody to do it for you.Sometimes when you uninstall Norton antivirus software or some other programs weird things happen such as the dvd/cd drive in "my computer" is no longer visible so you will be unable to install anymore software. This is how to solve the problem. Note each line means you are opening another folder. Type regedit into the search box at the bottom left of your desktop. Click on HKEYLOCALMACHINE CurrentControlSet Set Control Class You will now see a massive list of folders, you need to find the following one. 4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318 Click on it to open it and another panel will appear on the right side of the screen. You should see upper filters, lower filters or both in a list. Right click on them to delete them, close the whole page and do a restart. After doing a restart click on "my computer" and your dvd/cd drive should be listed. Turn up the sound and see if you can hear a bass note type sound. If you can, click on control panel and open device manager. You will see some yellow triangles at the side of some items, right click on them and click uninstall. When you do a restart they will reload themselves and work properly.

  lotvic 20:14 28 Jun 2017

I have reinstalled win 10

You haven't said which version of Windows 10 you used. If it was an earlier one there were problems with the DVD drive missing. Microsoft released updates for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and version 1511 that resolved problems with optical drives.

As with most problems there can be several different causes and solutions. Read this guide click here for the different ways, cause and possible solutions (guide has screenshots).

  hubdean 11:28 30 Jun 2017

Hello Thanks for the reply's power shell now ok thanks dvd still missing I will try your advise as soon as I can bit short on time at mo will let you know how it go's Thanks again Mick

  hubdean 15:21 03 Jul 2017

Hi power shell no longer a problem. MJS WARLORD had a go but no folders found ??? I got power dvd 17 so dvd player working great now thanks for the help Mick

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