windows 7 freezes at classpnp\sys

  supawoman 08:20 18 Jun 2012

don't know whether to throw the lap top or kick it around the room. Have spent days trying to find out how to fix this. Laptop won't load. Because had to manually shut it down, now it just says improperly closed down choice of system repair or start normally. Tied both these and safe mode through tapping F8.

Using all the above, I get only so far.....these are each of the instance I can get to - either:

black background with windows7 icon (4 coloured squares) or blue desktop screen with flowery image - no icons or loading repair files......stops at classpnp\sys

I can get no further than any of the above. I don't appear to have a rescue disk.....although from what I have googled this wouldn't address the situation. This is a 32 bit system.

Does anyone have the faintest idea how I can get into repairing this? It is a laptop, so don't really want to have to open it as I'm just a mum - not a technician. Quite happy to have a go if someone can take me through step by step or send me a link? Desperate here guys! :o/ If I have left off any vital info, please let me know.

p.s.I have tried putting in my kaspersky rescue disk, but can't even get this to load up properly....I am not getting the menu choices I see in youtube.....just a black screen which i don't think is right.

  birdface 08:31 18 Jun 2012

Have you tried tapping F8 or F5 as the computer starts which will get you into safe mode.If it lets you in do a last good configuration or a system restore.

  birdface 08:35 18 Jun 2012

Maybe give the make and model number of your laptop so others can help find the problem.

Is there a back to factory restore button on it.Usually F10 or F11 as the computer starts but I would ignore that just now and wait and see if someone can help you get it running properly first.

  birdface 08:45 18 Jun 2012

Sorry you tried safe mode.

  birdface 09:18 18 Jun 2012

Can you get to cmd prompt on it in safe mode if so type or paste this into it and see if it works. sfc /SCANNOW /OFFBOOTDIR=C:\ /OFFWINDIR=C:\Windows

  supawoman 10:32 18 Jun 2012

Hi Buteman, I can't get into anything other than what I posted above. One thing, I said that the blue screen was the is the welcome don't know if that counts as desktop as nothing is loaded at this stage.

  supawoman 10:34 18 Jun 2012

I have on the F8 startup, gone into disable auto startup when freezes....this has given me a blue screen with all the message UNMOUNTABLE BOOT VOLUME followed by the word STOP and some number strings. I tried listing this earlier but PCAdvisor lists my thread as spam :o(

  birdface 11:11 18 Jun 2012

Hi your make and model of the laptop may come in helpful.

I believe there is a few ways of fixing it.

Downloading Ubuntu and running that or Downloading W/7 SP1 from the Internet and using that to do a system repair.

But you will have to wait till someone can give you the proper advice as how to download and run them.

Most laptops have a back to factory settings button and not sure if you can run a cmd from that or not.Just to be in the safe side do not run it if you find it or you would loose everything that you have downloaded on to your computer.

  supawoman 10:19 19 Jun 2012

Hi Buteman, sorry for the delay in replying.....yep - spent another frustrating day trawling the net and trying various other things. Restarted so many times now, each tapping a different function key to explore all the screens available. Came across the F10 to format and reset to factory settings. It wouldn't let me retrieve any data - froze reformatted and it has reinstalled everything to 85% then hit an error! Just as I hardly dare breathe at the thought I had fixed the problem - FOOL! Retried and still got the same message. Now running hard disk verify and repair - been stuck at 4% for the last 2 hrs.....not sure if this is right or not....think I may have to leave it for a day to run...encouraging thing is that the little orange light flickers occasionally. Yes - basics....sorry. Sony Vaio (never will buy again! -cust serve sucks - but thats another story!).. SONY VAIO VPCEB 3F4E CPU 2gh 64bit Windows 7. Is that enough info? Have looked at trying to find out about recovery disks. If I did them, I can't find them. Apparently, if I want some, I read on another thread, that even tho I have paid for the software when buying the machine, I need to be recharged for the software to get the recovery disks. Unless of course someone out there has the same model and would burn a set.....fat chance huh!
Ignore me - Woe-is-me at the moment. Any ideas?

  supawoman 10:21 19 Jun 2012

.p.s. during my google travels, quite a few have said the recovery disks make no difference.

I am so frustrated, this is the point where I wish I was a tech!

  birdface 10:47 19 Jun 2012

Tried to get a set of repair CD's from Acer for my daughter and the wanted either £56 or £65.I ended up downloading W/7SP1 from the internet and using that.

You could try that and do a system repair.The last time I tried a repair I missed the repair bit and ended up reformatting it,So Best no doing the same.

This sort of shows you what to do.

W/7SP1 can be downloaded from here.

One of those may come in handy in case there is some Photos etc that you want to save in case you have to reformat.

Surprised that no one else has given you any advice yet but it is early yet.

I had to use a DVD to download the W/7 Sp1 as a CD was no good.

I would wait till someone else can give you the help that you need as I only know the basics.

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