Windows 7 Firefox views website incorrectly

  bristolgirl 13:31 21 May 2010

I hope that you can help again!

I now have windows 7 and desperately trying to get my head around it.

Anyway, I can view web pages correctly in IE but some web pages in Firefox appear to be squashed. (If that makes sense). I have changed the font size to Times New Roman, size 16 and am allowing websites to choose their own font size. Having font this size, I believe is the standard size and it is easier to read than the default size, it came with when I downloaded firefox.

However, if I take the home page of PCadvisor of example, the black margins on the side are far too wide and some of the writing is overlapping.

Thanks in advance!

  birdface 15:40 21 May 2010

Have you tried holding down the Ctrl button and moving the scroll wheel on the mouse.

  bristolgirl 17:31 21 May 2010

Thanks Buteman

That does help a little bit but everything is still out of alignment. Is there someway of setting it as a default, so it is the same as it would have appeared on Firefox XP?

  rawprawn 17:45 21 May 2010

Try Tools> Options> Content and Reset your Font & Size

  birdface 17:46 21 May 2010

Sorry not a lot of help.I used to have the same problem.
I would imagine that you may have to change the screen resolution.
But not that sure how to do it on W/7.

  bristolgirl 17:58 21 May 2010

Thank you raprawn. I should have said that I have tried that already. Apologies!

Thanks again Buteman. I hope that someone knows how to change the screen resolution.

As an aside, I am a little concerned about my own website. I have 3 photos across the top of the home page. In Firefox, Windows 7. I have 2 photos left aligned and the 3rd is situated under the first photo. Does this mean it could be appearing like this to other Firefox, Window 7 users?

  Graham. 18:01 21 May 2010

Post the URL, lets have a look for you.

  bristolgirl 18:19 21 May 2010

Thanks Graham

I wasn't sure if I was allowed to do that.

click here

  rawprawn 18:27 21 May 2010

It works OK for me.

  bristolgirl 18:32 21 May 2010

Thanks rawprawn.

Can I ask, is it Firefox Windows 7, that it looks OK. The 3 photos are across the top, next to each other?

  rawprawn 19:07 21 May 2010

There are 3 photos but not in a line, and I have my text size (Bottom Right hand corner Firefox set to 120%.
To get all three accross the top I have to increase the size to 130% using CTRL and mouse wheel.
However strangely if I change the % size by 10% either larger or smaller the Photos change alteratly from 3 in line to 2 on top and 1 beneath on the left.
I have no idea why

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