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Windows 7 Evaluation copy, removing from C Drive

  anniesboy68 10:43 13 Apr 2012

How can this be done, please? Cannot format drive.

  sharpamat 12:18 13 Apr 2012

You do not state what you will be replaceing the win 7 with??

It can only be presumed another OS. Normally booting with the OS disc in place, will get the option to boot from CD/DVD, installing by that method will normally format C before installing.

If restoreing to Factory settings this again will normally Format C before restoring.

More information will no doupt get more help

  mgmcc 13:13 13 Apr 2012

"How can this be done, please? Cannot format drive."

Are you trying to format your C drive from within Windows and while it is running from that drive? If so, that isn't possible, but you shouldn't have a problem formatting C drive after booting the PC with the Windows 7 DVD.

  anniesboy68 13:51 13 Apr 2012

All sorted now, I have managed to install Vista [urgh] over win 7. Thanks for replying>

  robin_x 14:25 13 Apr 2012

You do know W8 Consumer Preview is free till Jan 2013. (possible chance of extension till next April).

While the main screen is the new Metro (phone like blocks), Desktop like W7 can be toggled. No Start Button. But I have had a quick play. Not as bad as I thought.

Note: If you install it you cannot uninstall. Would have to install Vista again.

W8CP 32 and 64

Evaluation Licence DNJXJ-7XBW8-2378T-X22TX-BKG7J

  anniesboy68 10:08 14 Apr 2012

Ha Ha. Cannot activate this Vista installation as it states "this activation code is in use on another computer". Well it WAS until I installed Windows 7 64 bit on that OTHER computer, so I assumed and assuming that the Vista O/S code I'm installing would have been cancelled by Microsoft. Am I right in thinking this, or can the code be only used once. Has anyone have a telephone number for the UK to contact Microsoft activation problems, as I cannot find one,and all the FAQ's do not answer this question. AB68

  sharpamat 14:44 14 Apr 2012

In general as far as I am aware Microsoft store the Numbers But do not cancell them.

Your Windows 7 copy would have needed its own key to activate.

If Vista was preinstalled (ie OEM ) it is valid for the life of the system but cannot be transfered to another system.The number would be on your system case or the documention which came with it.and activation is normally automatic

If Vista you installed was a full copy It would have required its own number to activate which would be on the box or email when you purchased it

Microsoft support details are

As for Win 8 CP if you choose this route have a good read of the posts it the Windows 8 Posts. But it cannot be un-installed.Whilst this is a beta it has been reported that Windows 8 Release Candidate May be available to users as early as May 2012 but this is as yet unconfirmed

  john bunyan 15:07 14 Apr 2012


It is worth talking to them! Here is a link to start you on the journey to a phone call!! Microsoft support

  anniesboy68 11:23 15 Apr 2012

If Vista was preinstalled (ie OEM ) it is valid for the life of the system but cannot be transfered to another system.The number would be on your system case or the documention which came with it.and activation is normally automatic.

Thanks, I will persue in due course.Win 7 64 bit was installed over the original Vista with a full copy, not an upgrade, so, common sense prevailing I would assume that my Vista disk [not an upgrade] would become spare and available for installation on another computer as I have done. Another thing, try as I might I cannot format the C drive. Windows will not let me. Iv'e tried format C: form the command prompt, had a look at Disk Management etc but to no avail.There must be a way around this somewhere. In addition another problem is that I have tried to install a WindowsXP Professional O/S via boot from hard disk, and it goes all through the loading up process and then informs me it cannot find the hard drive, press F3 to stop. All this for a friend of my son who I don't even know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any ideas???????????, please AB68

  anniesboy68 10:00 18 Apr 2012

Have wiped the drive clean, I think and loaded Ubuntu 11.10

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