Windows 7 DVD price variation

  SparkyJack 18:11 28 Jul 2014

Looking from where the bestvplacecto by win7dvd I wascintregued at some of price variation from 'regular' sources Amazon,eburer etc.

Setting aside the dodgy eBay and others there seems to a deal of variation. Amazon for example ARL listing 'refurbished' versions. How can this be,knowing how MS control ,one copy per machine?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:11 28 Jul 2014

Iso image from here

you can license direct from MS cost variation depend on whether single OEM or full package and for how may machines

  lotvic 10:53 29 Jul 2014

It's the product Key that costs. The install DVD iso can be downloaded and burnt by yourself for nowt. (or you could borrow one and copy it)

  Jollyjohn 10:58 29 Jul 2014

There is a specific "refurbished" version - the COA sticker reads W7 for refurbished PC's. My local repair shop use it and I have seen it on a couple of PCs I have set up for people. I don't know the limitations of a refurbish version or pre requirements before it will install but once installed it is no different.

  spuds 11:07 29 Jul 2014

Its even becoming more difficult to find any COA references nowadays, unless its just me having problems. Only recently I purchased a new Levono laptop, and the Windows 8 information sticker was attached to the battery.

I still say that not supplying a disk with new computer's nowadays is not a wise move. Surely the manufacturer's cannot be making a great saving in not supplying?.

But back to the original subject, I have purchased the varies forms of genuine Windows O/S disks from a number of sources, including Ebuyer, Ebay. Amazon and other well known outlets, usually at discounted rates. But you do need to shop around.

  SparkyJack 13:03 29 Jul 2014

Apologies for the scrambled original-too much sun or something

Thanks for your views

MeckB2 The retail comment is interesting,I shall have to borrow my mates, to see what happens

Spuds. Just had a look on the underside of my Lenovo Y50p, yup there's the Win8 sticker, Perhaps they too did not like to be associated with it.

In my case 8 has long gone in favour of Ubuntu.

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