Windows 7 drop in performance

  beebender 09:06 20 Jan 2010

I have recently bought a new computer with Windows 7 Professional and have an Intel i7 975 with 6GB RAM a Geforce GTX 295 and a Velociraptor 279GB C hard drive and a Western E drive 465GB.

I had presumed this would increase my system performance but it has dropped to 5.5 out of the possible 7.9 and the scores are as follows:

Processor 7.4
Memory (RAM) 5.5
Graphics 7.7
Gaming Graphics 7.7
Primary Hard Disk 5.9

This is lower than my last QX Quad Core Processor with 4GB RAM and a GTX280 which scored 5.9. Could somebody please explain why this is and bearing in mind I asked my supplier for a top spec and have spent close on 3K have I reason to complain?

More importantly what can I do to increase this rating?

  Paperplane 09:16 20 Jan 2010

LOL. I spent about £500 to build a system myself and get a better Win7 score in every category than you!
You've been done!

  [email protected] 09:27 20 Jan 2010

This should be on the Win7 forum for better results, but from the figures it's the RAM the culprit (the score is based on the lowest figure). As it's recently new, the vendor is the next point of contact with a view to exchanging the RAM, but even if changing that ups the RAM score to 7+, your next score will be the HDD = 5.7 so there will be gloom again :-(
Looks like an RMA to me, sorry.

  I am Spartacus 09:48 20 Jan 2010

As [email protected] says it's the RAM that is producing the lowest score. I suspect it's running at the default speed of 1066MHz. What specification is it?

The 'Memory' tab on CPU-Z click here will tell you the speed at which it's running (you need to double this number).

Also the VelociRaptor is outperformed by newer mechanical hard drives e.g. Samsung F3 1TB and an SSD would be even faster.

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