Windows 7 Digital River Download Errors

  bjh 14:19 22 Oct 2009

It appears that there is a fairly widespread problem for students & teachers using the Digital River / Ultimate Steal download for Windows 7.

The problem comes in that the 64 bit Windows 7 is supplied in a form that will only create the needed files if the system is ALREADY running a 64 bit operating system.

If the user is using a 32 bit os, the unpack crashes with an error that the files can't be created.

A number of students that I have contact with have experienced this problem, or are in contact with others who have.

There are two methods to bypass this problem that have appeared on the web.

This is a simplified version of a method that is on MS Technet

Download the MS tool Oscdimg from click here . It's an exe, and will need to be extracted. I have done this just now, so let's not all assume it's a dangerous file, please!

I'd suggest putting the Digital River files, and this file, in a folder on the root of the hard disk for ease, just call it XXX, say

Run a command prompt, then enter

Oscdimg.exe -u2 -bC:\ XXX>\expandedSetup\boot\ -h C:\ XXX>\expandedSetup C:\ XXX>\Win7.iso

This will then build an .iso file from the download, and that can be burnt to disk, using the appropriate software. The .iso will be in the folder you downloaded the software to, ie XXX

You will need to replace XXX> with the directory to which you download the Digital River files.

This only affects the 64 bit download, and only if you are extracting the files on a 32 bit system.

Hope this stops a few problems before they start.

There's some further discussion here click here

  bjh 14:23 22 Oct 2009

That command line hasn't come out clearly...

Put the download files in a folder with the Oscdimg file, and the command prompt is...

Oscdimg.exe -u2 -bC:\yourdirectory\expandedSetup\boot\ -h C:\yourdirectory\expandedSetup C:\yourdirectory\Win7.iso

and replace "yourdirectory" with that of the downloaded files

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