Windows 7 (Developers Edition) ?

  Uboat 10:42 24 Apr 2010

Hi guys/gals, i recently bought a genuine copy of W7 off Ebay, a friend had to format his pc but didnt have a OS to put back on his pc, so he borrowed my W7 (Lucky guy isnt he) then over this we fell out cause i recived it back from him (Lives in wales & i live north uk) damaged & in first class post only (I sent it recorded) & after three weeks, i found out he had in fact used my disc on other pc's that he has fixed for people so i called Microsoft to ask if they could tell me how many activations its had & they told me the disc i had bought was a "Developers Edition"? & i shouldnt be using it & they will shut it down in a matter of weeks?? can anyone tell me what "Developers Edition" means cause i was under the impression it was a retail copy.? & whats the differance.?

  Sea Urchin 19:06 24 Apr 2010

That would be a rare thing :@)

But quite apart from that even if it had been a genuine retail version you can only legally install it on one computer - you would need a family pack to allow a 3-PC licence.

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  interzone55 20:02 24 Apr 2010

A developers edition is probably one provided to MCSE programme members.

These licences are only for use on development systems, usually within companies for testing software and hardware.

Because of the nature of these licences, which are often installed many times on different hardware, they do not have to be activated in the normal way.

Because of this they are not to be sold on or installed on anything other than development systems.

Microsoft have every right to deactivate that licence, as it is being used in a way that contravenes the EULA.

Some day people will earn not to buy software from the electronic car boot sale...

  Pineman100 09:33 25 Apr 2010

Given that you've bought the wrong version of W7 from a questionable source and allowed a friend to use the disk illegally - a move that he replicated with other people - it's not really surprising that Microsoft aren't happy.

I suppose you could try claiming your money back from the Ebay supplier, but frankly I reckon you'll end up just writing the whole thing off to experience.

Just go out and buy yourself a legal version of Windows from a reputable source, and swallow the cost.

  Uboat 10:18 25 Apr 2010

Thankx guys for ALL your time & replies! i'm in debt to you all! The person/company i bought the disc from has this feedback 785 Transactions & 100% posative! not ONE negative so as normal you would think its a trusted source...
Anyway he has just sent me a replacement & its looking very much the same product ive got to be honest! wheres he getting them all from?

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