Windows 7 Create a system image

  chub_tor 19:21 22 Nov 2009

I have just found this function in Control Panel, System and Security, Backup and Restore along with the facility to make a System Repair Disc. Has anyone on the forum had cause to use this function yet and if so how does it compare with the paid for programmes such as Acronis?

  rdave13 19:42 22 Nov 2009

Don't know and haven't bothered to try it yet.
Being a skinflint I use Paragon's freebie; click here

  David4637 13:11 23 Nov 2009

1. Do you make a recovery disc with the freeby? 2. Have you recovered an OS crash with Paragon? I use Acronis, but if I upgrade to W7 I will seriously consider Paragon, as I don't think the cheap versions of W7 have a disc image system built in?
3. What version of W7 do you have?
Thanks David

  Fingees 13:21 23 Nov 2009

I use windows 7 home, and have made a backup from it which included system image.

  rawprawn 14:15 23 Nov 2009

May I ask, have you ever used the system Image in anger?

  Fingees 15:00 23 Nov 2009


No, I was just pointing out that the cheap version does contain backup, together with system image.

Hopefully I may not have to use the backups anyway.

  rawprawn 16:49 23 Nov 2009

OK, thanks. I have made a full backup but I was wondering how effective it was to restore. In particular if you had to use the Windows 7 Repair/Boot disc from the same stable to get started.
I am not really worried as I run Acronis 2010

  David4637 10:40 26 Nov 2009

Does the Paragon Disk Image Back Up software(Free) give you the option of making a Rescue disc? Thanks David

  rdave13 11:37 26 Nov 2009

From the program;

Building Recovery Media
Recovery Media is a CD/DVD disc, a USB flash card or even a floppy disk from which you can boot for maintenance or recovery purposes. Builder can help you accomplish the following operations:

· Prepare the Linux/DOS recovery environment (included in the installation package) on external media (CD, DVD, or flash memory) to boot and run utilities under Linux or PTS DOS, and that way to get access to your hard disk for maintenance or recovery purposes (strongly recommended);

· Prepare a custom Linux/DOS recovery environment by adding any data you like to the standard image;

· Prepare a bootable recovery environment from any ISO image;

· Create from the master CD the Linux/DOS recovery environment on a CD/DVD disc, or flash memory.

  David4637 12:58 26 Nov 2009

That sounds a very complicated answer.All I would require is a rescue CD that could bootup the PC, so the required back up file could be found and run, does this make sense? Thanks for your info. David

  retep888 16:55 26 Nov 2009

I only use the cheap versions of Win7 (home premium),they all come with a disc system image tool built-in including a Win7 starter netbook.

Compare to the paid version of TrueImage(only TI 2010 works with Win7),it's much simpler to use and an image being created quickly.

After the image is created,you'll be asked to create a repair boot disc(32 or 64bit)which can be burnt to a CDR.Anyway if you have a Win7 installation disc then you don't need to create this boot disc just use that instead.

I've created several images on different Win7 PCs and tested with the image (restored again using the built-in tool) without any problems,I'll stick with it from now on.

If you still want to stick to TrueImage and you have a WesternDigital harddrive in your system then you can download this free program from click here

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